New Dyna-Glo vertical offset smoker

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by surgtech2006, Mar 22, 2015.

  1. shaowstrike

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    Hi, I ordered this vertical smoker as well! How many tubes of the high temp sealant did you wind up using on all the leaks? Also, have you considered using something like this to seal the firebox door?
  2. ericf517

    ericf517 Fire Starter

    I ordered 2 tubes, and the nomex tape strips. Haven't been delivered yet, but that was my guess.
  3. jckdanls 07

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    thinking maybe the red sealer failure was dew to the oil on the new metal... The best way I've seen the sealer used is to put a bead on one side (usually the door after it's been cleaned with alcohol or something to get rid of the oil)... and then put saran wrap over it and close the door and latch it.. leave it this way for at least 24 hrs to let the sealer cure... remove saran wrap after it's dry .... saran wrap keeps it from sticking to the chamber (or firebox) ... hope this helps....
  4. iggythump

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    I've been eyeing this smoker for some time now as well.  This thread was just what I needed to pull the trigger when the time is right.  Just finished my mini a little over a month ago and that thing is a dream, but for a crowd, its a nightmare.  I'll be looking into investing in one of these fellows soon.  Thanks for the post!!
  5. ericf517

    ericf517 Fire Starter

    I was able to silicone everything (fire box to smoke box, and chimney) with about half a tube.  I used one 15' roll of 1/2"x1/4" nomex tape to seal the doors.

    As soon as the silicone is set up I will be firing it up for it's seasoning burn.
  6. We will be waiting

  7. ericf517

    ericf517 Fire Starter

    Well, after about 3/4 tube of silicone, and a roll of nomex the smoker was ready to be lit today.  Gave the silicone about 24 hours (22 probably) and lit it up today.

    Getting the fire started.

    After it was going for about an hour.  Probably went a little heavy with Pam spray Olive Oil, but oh well.  Have a few small leaks, one at the top of the door, one at the handle hole, and one that will have to get repaired on the back top of the fire box.  Other than that it seems to work just fine.  

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  8. surgtech2006

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    Nice work! How did the silicone tape work out for you? How is it held in place? I may switch over to that depending on how long it lasts for you. I used to be in the boiler industry and had access to a teflon packing/gasket material I was thinking of trying as well. I think silicone is probably more "repeatably" conformimg for a door that is opened and closed as opposed to a stationary seal that just gets bolted together though.

    Were you able to hold temps?
  9. surgtech2006

    surgtech2006 Newbie

    Youre doing a lot of waiting Gary! ;)  :BEER:
  10. Coffee and Tea,   Love Beer but quite years ago
  11. ericf517

    ericf517 Fire Starter

    I didn't use silicone tape, I used the nomex tape.  Seems to be working just fine.  I used black FDA high temp silicone on the firebox to smoke box, and it is doing well so far.  

    The temps seem to hold perfect with the bottom air vent closed and the top open.  Been running around 230-245 the whole time.  Started it around 0900 and just had to refill the charcoal just now, 1400.  Probably could have gotten a few more hours easily in the temp zone, but wanted to open it up and let it run a little hotter.  I mixed in some split oak I had around, and some hickory chips I used to use in the gas grill.  
  12. ericf517

    ericf517 Fire Starter

    Just found another leak, just a small one around the temp gauge
  13. ericf517

    ericf517 Fire Starter

    Ok well been burning all day, now I decided to thrown on some chicken legs for the fun of it.  Rub is 1tbsp pepper, 1tbsp salt, 1tbsp garlic, and 2 tbsps brown sugar.  Apple juice in the pan, fresh charcoal, and apple wood.

  14. ericf517

    ericf517 Fire Starter

    Chicken was yummy!!!  Took it out at 175-184 IT

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  15. That's some nice looking Chicken 

  16. Chicken looks delicious.

    The apple juice pan is unnecessary. Liquid flavors do not "evaporate" into the meat (water boils away but the solids stay in the pan), and in a 250-275F smoker, it will simply leach your heat.

    How do you like the height of this smoker? It seems you'd be doing quite a bit of bending over to tend the fire, open the door, etc.
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  17. surgtech2006

    surgtech2006 Newbie

    I dont find I'm tending and bending much, it burns quite a while on a full charge. I'll have to see when I do a shoulder or brisket next weekend.
  18. surgtech2006

    surgtech2006 Newbie

    What kind of charcoal are you using? I always love the lump, but I used Stubbs brickettes recently and found they seem to be way more consistent burning.
  19. ericf517

    ericf517 Fire Starter

    I am using up the Kingford I had from last year.  

    Today is brisket and pork butt day.  Don't get me started about how the butcher cleaned off 65% of all the fat cap off the brisket.  Wife ordered it, and picked it up for me since I have been working until the shop closes.  Well I guess now I know to tell them to leave the fat cap on the brisket.  Oh well!!  

    Today's cook started at 0640.

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  20. ericf517

    ericf517 Fire Starter

    Well after the first day of real use my thoughts are as follows.

    It will hold temp just fine once you get it where you want it.  

    I have had to leave the firebox door open for a few minutes to get the new charcoal that I added to start going, or I would have a temp drop.  Was from 244 down to 205.  When I left the door open for a few minutes I would only drop to 225ish, and then right back to where I wanted it.

    I need to make a basket that holds more charcoal for this thing.

    I have only had to reload it twice so far, and added wood 3 times.

    Now if I can just get past the stall on both the brisket (154) and the pork (160) I would be happier.  I am getting hungry LOL

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