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ab canuck

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Nov 20, 2016
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  Hello all, I am new to this site, after researching smokehouse ideas I think I have a few. I found alot of knowledge on this site and am very excited to get things together and start a build...... But baby steps has not been my strong point all the

 I have a few smaller smokers 2 bradleys ( burnt one out so down to 2 ) and an old freezer style set up. 

Our family hunts and we make sausage as well. We started raising a few pigs to supplement our freezer as well as sausage making, also SMOKED PORK of any kind is so delicious... And so I am on a mission to build a smokehouse. 

  My questions to start are sizing and heat sources. I want to be able to cold smoke but the main use will be hot smoke. we would be using this for mainly sausage 100-150 lbs at a time and the bigger cuts / sides of pork, bacon, hams, briskets or whatever else we decide to try. I am thinking 4x4 or 5x6 interior. I am leaning towards cinder block and wood construction insulated due to our winters. I am thinking of lining the smokehouse with aluminum, stainless would be nice but I haven't looked into pricing on anything yet.  Heat sources I am not sure about. An outside fire box for smoke and heat, but I don't know if that will be enough heat to hot smoke. Maybe a separate burner / heat source?  Shelving is another big question. I have done some research and am not sure where to start on the shelving. What is the general consensus on shelves and proper materials to use, I do not want to make anyone sick.

    I would love to get any input from people on do's and don'ts as well as ideas, suggestions or changes people would do or would have done knowing what they know now. 

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