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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by waywardswede, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. Get it Traegernator and live a little!!!! She won't be mad for long!!!!
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    Wanna bet? I have at least 7 or eight different cookers. Lol..... Living ain't a problem here it's more about space.

    This would work great for smoking sausage though.
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    Leelee, I haven't tried anything yet, but I'm going to attempt ribs, brisket and a fatty this weekend. I'll let you know how much burn time I get. I am going to try Royal Oak charcoal this time. I used to use Kingsford, but I keep hearing that Royal Oak is better. Hopefully I can post some Qview next week. If you guys don't hear from me, things went horrbly wrong. :biggrin:
  4. Greetings all!  I have been lurking on this site for weeks and used this particular thread to make my decision to buy a Brinkmann Trailmaster Vertical Smoker.  I have been wanting to get into smoking food and it was a tossup between the Weber SM and the Brinkmann.  The Brinkmann was bigger, less expensive and had a true offset firebox which can use wood.  Decision made easy.

    It has arrived and is partially assembled, waiting on my BBQ gasket kit.  I got it from a nearby Tractor Supply on clearance.  I could not pick it up till the next day (Sat) because it wouldn't fit in the wife's Mazda.  The sales guy said if I came buy and paid for it that day (Fri) he could knock off another 25% with a coupon he would give me.  No brainer... go pay for it.  I was concerned about dents and door fitment, but I was pleasantly surprised when the unit was undamaged with a CC door that appears to fit well.  Always better to be lucky.

    Once I get my gasket kit installed and the assembly complete, I will do the seasoning burn.  Question: how long do I need to hold that high temp?
  5.  WaywardSwede, your step by step is phenomenal.

     Thanks for the pics with every step.

     I bought my Brinkmann and started the assembly using your directions instead of the factory directions (first mistake).

     I ordered a 4" damper at your suggestion without first realizing that the Brinkmann now comes with an air damper and side feed door.

     The gaskets from BBQsmokerMods dot com are wonderful, but when I put the felt gaskets on the cooking chamber door, I couldn't get the door closed. After much consideration, I pulled the CC door gasket off, put a flashlight in the CC, closed the door and NO light escaped.

     Pretty impressive factory fit.

     I am currently letting the paint dry on the logo I painted on my smoker. Will post pics soon.

     Even though I assumed too much, this post and Justin at BBQsmokerMods dot com were a wonderful help.
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    Campsmoke, I think the seasoning directions are in the manual. However, if I remember correctly, 3 to 4hrs at 225 and 1hr at 400. This is after coating the entire CC with vegetable oil. I was able to get the 225, but I could only hold 400 for around 30 minutes or so. Good luck with it, and be sure to post some pics of your finished products. I hope to have some up this week.
  7. Thanx Mrshep70.  I plan to get some nicely seasoned oak from my in-laws to add to the charcoal during the seasoning.  Read somewhere that adding wood might help keep the temps up.  Maybe some pecan, too.

    My gasket kit arrived Thursday.  I completed the assembly yesterday.  The firebox gasket was long enough to seal the pass-through piece to the the firebox as well as the seam between the upper and lower firebox sections.  My CC door looks to seal really well.  I may not need the door gasket or the clamps.  I will test that theory during the seasoning burn.
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    Hello Everyone, I did my first cook on my smoker, and I have to say... I am very pleased. I used the Pitmaster IQ120 to keep the temps  in check and a Maverick ET-732 to remotely monitor the pit temp and the meat temp. I wanted to do a test burn just to see how long my fuel would last with a full charcoal basket, so I decided to throw a fatty on there just to try it out. Wow was it good.

    I stuffed it with capicola, ham, provolone, mozzarella, roasted red peppers, and spinach. Here it is just before I put the spinach on and rolled it.

    I also put a bacon weave on it because, it's bacon.

    Here it is after about a 2 hour smoke. Perfectly done IMHO.

    Here is the finished product after a rest in a warm cooler for about 1.5 hours. That way the cheese wouldn't run out when i cut into it. Boy is it hard to be patient while waiting for meat to rest... 

    I was so happy with the results that couldn't wait to do my brisket.

    I cooked the brisket for a total of around 12 hours at 225. I smoked it till it reached 160, pulled it wrapped it in foil, and placed back on the pit till it reached 190-195. I pulled it, wrapped it in a towel, and placed in a cooler on top of a heating pad and let it rest for 2 hours. It was the best brisket I've ever had, and I'm trying to be modest. Everyone who tried it raved about it, so I am a little proud. [​IMG]  

    Here is the result of my labor of love.

    Tender, moist, sooooo flavorful. Not bad for my first brisket.

    I also smoked some baby backs just so people had a choice of meat. I was happy with these too, I was just happier with the brisket.

    I hope you all enjoyed my ramblings. Any questions, comments, or feedback would be greatly appreciated.


    Mr. Shep   [​IMG]  
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    Mr Seho,

    I don't know much about Fatties but after seeing a fee threads / pictures of them I feel I really should know.  lol

    Did you use ground beef for your base for the fatty?  is that typical of how they are made?  The entire smoke looks great.  Makes me hungry everythime I read through this thread.  lol

    Nice job.
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  10. mrshep70

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    I used a 1 pound chub of Bob Evans breakfast sausage, but you can use any kind of ground meat I suppose. I saw one thread where the guy ground his own corned beef and made a Reuben fatty with sauerkraut, Russian dressing, and Swiss cheese.

    Here is a great thread on this forum on how to shape, stuff, and roll a fatty.  a lot of good posts and ideas in this thread.

    Thank you for your kind words...
  11. RTV = "room-temperature vulcanization".
  12. So how long did your basket last?????
  13. mrshep70

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    I had the same problem you described. I ended up taking the minion plates out and just refilling it when the pit temp dropped. I probably got around 3-4 hours on average. However disappointing that was, my Pitmaster IQ120 made up for it. Talk about incredible. CC held 225 almost spot on for 12 hours, except for opening the lid to add charcoal, but it recovered almost immediately. I was greatly impressed. Having the Pitmaster and a Maverick ET-732 thermometer to monitor all my temps made all the difference in the world.
  14. That's GREAT Mrshep70....I have a Maverick ET-732 thermometer.... Just got my IQ120 in last night!!!! [​IMG]  .. But I don't know when I will be able to use it 7 days a week 12 hour's a day!!!! I may just take off Sunday and play around with it.....  I need to find some low ash burning  coals....If anyone know of some good ones please let me know?????
  15. I use the Kingsford Blue in the chimney to start my fuel bed of Ozark Oak Lump and whatever wood I'm using. Good stuff.
  16. mrshep70

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    Royal Oak hardwood lump charcoal is what I used. Good heat, longish burn time, and not a lot of ash. I got two18 lb bags of it at Home Depot for around $12 each. Well worth it. I filled my charcoal basket and my chimney starter with it. Lit the chimney, put the basket all the way to the left side of the FB, and threw the whole load of lit charcoal on the right side. This allowed the CC to get up to temp quicker and it lit the side of the basket and allowed for a relatively slow burn. The Pitmaster kept the temp @ 225 almost perfectly. Good luck, and let us know how you make out. Post some pics if you remember.
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    Smoldering has it nailed- the burn times and control w/ the charcoal box are amazing. 1 piece of the 24x24 expanded metal and a pair of aviation or Tin snips and about 30-45 min and your done.
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    I just got the TMLE horizontal w/ off set firebox- I converted from a vertical trailmaster pellet smoker. I love my TMLE! Only had it 2 months- did the mods w/ gasket, Rutland sealant in every seam/ nut and bolt firebox assembly, charcoal basket and it works great. Did my first hot fast brisket 2 wks ago- in 5 hrs (rest included) we were eating. Before this- I hadn't done one in less than 8 hrs.
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    Sorry- not smoldering, I meant Smokering
  20. dtj16

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    Qview finished TMLE, only smokin at the stack...

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