New Baby has Arrived!!

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Dec 22, 2013
Locust, NC
Just picked up our New RF Smoker! We will be seasoning it soon, 20mph winds and 25 degrees today is keeping me inside. I had a real good friend give me a whole trailer load of oak and hickory! We already split the Hickory in 4" splits to wrist size. He has a lot of timber and we spotted a dozen or so more Hickory trees where we were cutting. He said anytime I want any just call ahead of time and we will lay them down. I don't think I will ever be out of fuel, he is a good friend indeed!

We looked a lot at Lang's and others but the quality this guy does is hard to beat. He was local too which meant I could just go pick it up. I had it built all out of 1/4" except the door flange. All welds are full length and nice. This guy takes pride in his work and it shows. He's been making cookers for a while now and starting to ship units out of state. He is working on a web site and hopes to have it up soon. Let me know what you all think?



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OK, not sure why that last pic. is upside down. It is not upside down on my photobucket album. I tried rotating and saving and inserted several times. No matter how I rotate it, when linked it appears upside down in the post, weird?

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That's a nice looking little smoker, the builder did a nice job on that.

I'm going to give you one small bit of advise, if you don't mind.

Cut yourself a nice piece of 5/8" plate to fit where the grate is under the firebox lid. If you leave that cooking grate in there every time you cook, it could eat it up over time, replacing it with a heavy plate when you don't want to grill over the firebox, the smoker will be more efficient as we'll.
Great advice! Thanks, The cooking chamber is 42x20 and the firebox is 15x15x20 inside measurements. I was a little concerned about the firebox size but according to Feldon's Pit Calculator it is spot on. They use one just like it personally too and he says they work great. The quality this guy does is amazing, light years past the Lang. Don't get me wrong, I liked the Lang and almost bought a 36 Patio. When we looked at this however it was a no brainer.

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I was going to commit on how this guy builds a small one with out having to add a counterweight to the front of the cart like the Lang, ...when I saw Lang do that, it just showed me a builder that like to cut corners.
Really, I'm liking this guys work, look how all the expanded metal runs the same direction, and he took the time to blend in the round bar instead of using angle ( another thing I don't like on the lang)
I also did not like the top rack in the Lang, basically a small table just sitting on the lower rack. I love this slide out top rack. I have full 1/4" construction, continuous welds that are nice, larger cooking chamber, all in all twice the quality of the Lang at the same price! This guy will also build anything you want too.
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