New addition to my family

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Smoke Blower
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Jul 9, 2005
Good morning, gents

I sit here basking in the glory, like a dad with his newborn child: my wife called me at work yesterday and told me about some nice smoker/grills she saw at Sam's ealier in the afternoon. Out of the blue, she said the 5 words any man who loves smoking/grilling food loves to hear (especially from his wife) - "Let's go check them out". Well, immediately after getting home from work, we laid the ground rules that we set with our teen boys everytime my wife and I go out, and off to Sam's we went. She led me to the area where they had about 15 grills lined up and there I saw it. an "Oklahoma Joe's Competitor" and boys, it's a thing of beauty. And at $639, the price was right. Sold! We wheeled her out to our (*gulp!) Dodge Grand Caravan (This was a huge mistake as this thing weighs a TON and pre-assembled!) But my wife (bless her heart), a Sam's attendant (strong dude) and myself (another strong dude) managed to set the grill sideways, lift and slide it into the van (I'm feeling the pain right now). We called my brother and had him meet us at my house, we pulled the van to the back of the house (sorry neighbor!) and parked right beside the deck (5 looooong steps up....yikes!) We decided to remove the fireboz (which is very heavy) and we hauled the main part up the steps 1 at a time. Thank God it has rubber wheels! After getting her up there, and reattaching the firebox, we sat and talked about plans for Labor day. I'll go into the menu in another post as this one was lengthy enough! I will post a pic of my new "baby" in action. Laters!
Contratulations! I am not familiar with that model but I bet she is a thing of beauty. Looking forward to the pics and tales of great smoked food.
Sounds like a tremendous smoker! Look forward to seeing pictures. I know you look forward to some wonderful smoked meals. Please let us know how your maiden voyage turns out.

Well my new grill worked like a charm! 5 slabs of ribs, some skewered chicken cutlets, italian sausage and peppers, some burgers and dogs (of course). After I seasoned the grill for 2 hrs at 250 degrees, she was good to go. One thing I'd like to say is that it was very easy maintaining a constant teperature. Making adjustments to the side vent and smoke stack flap worked wonderfully. The ribs were very tender - not "mushy" but very juicy and fell right off the bone. I used a combo of charcoal and hickory chunks. Excellent! I'm sorry I don't have any pics yet - I will soon!
prplptcrzr2003 don't ya just love it when the wife says them kind of words? My favorite is "Honey, why don't you go buy (insert name of object you're wanting real bad)?"!!

BTW Welcome to the Forum :D
Well, I know it took me a long time to come back and join you all here in the forum, and I promised I would post pics (see my latest entries in the photo albums), so here is a pic of my "baby". After almost a year, she's a beaut and works wonderfully. To date, I've smoked 3 pork shoulders, a mountain of chicken (I will share my thighs recipe - to die for!), a ton of london broils and some italian sausages for some awesome sausage and pepper hoagies!

I'm glad to be back - i missed checking this forum out and I am looking forward to smoking, cooking out and sharing photos and recipes with all of you! Thanks Jeff for doing all that you do, bro!
Gee, Sam-with wheels like that on the back end it should have come equipped with a towing hitch!! No wonder you were "feeling the pain" :shock: That is one sweet looking unit though-way to go!
Thank you, Earl. I still can't believe my wife found it and then asked me if I wanted it! It felt like Christmas morning. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.