New 44 inch Masterbuilt ready for trash day!

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by g i smoker, Aug 21, 2017.

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    I purchased a Masterbuilt 44 inch glass door propane smoker from Sam's Club a few weeks ago. I bought this off the floor as it was their last one. I called back asking for an user manual and I think 2 missing drip trays. When you open the door you can see the ground below the 2 burners which is also weird. I just figured this was ok as there is no floor inside the unit.
    This past weekend I was excited to smoke a beautiful ham but not to happen. Before putting in the ham I figured I would run the temp all the way up in order to burn off any residue. Well after an hour the temp would hardly reach 200. Ok, plan B! I closed all the vents and plugged up the openings in the floor and put in the ham while it was hooked up to my two probes on my Thermopro tp-20. Sat there for another 2 hours and tried everything in order to get the temp up. I had tin foil jammed everywhere! Also, there is a sliding tray that holds the smoke box which I moved in everyway possible in order to make the soaked apple chips smoke. Still poor heat and no smoke. I must be missing parts regarding the open floor and smoker tray as this smoker is basically junk.
    Ok, almost 4 hours later I put the ham in our kitchen oven! My neighbor has a Traegersmoker and it pours out the smoke and heat and I am here racking my brains out. I would appreciate any help before giving up and trashing this masterbuilt idea.
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    I'm not familiar with your smoker, but I think I would return it to Sam's & get your money back.

    There are plenty of guys on here with that smoker & they aren't having any problems like you are having.

    Are you getting a good flame on the burner?

    Sometimes you have to turn the gas off & disconnect the hose from the tank, then reconnect it & turn the gas back on.

    Hopefully someone with your smoker will be along shortly to give you better answers.

  3. Being you just bought it, I'd give Masterbuilt a call. Have your receipt handy as well as model and serial numbers. They have excellent Customer Service. I'm sure they will make it right on all missing parts and manuals.
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    Don't give up on us baby. 🎵🎵
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  5. If you're getting good flame there's no way you shouldn't be able to get the temp up.. can you post pictures of the inside and maybe with the burner on and in high?
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    I took the advice regarding customer service and yes, they are excellent. Was told that I may need a regulator and missing pieces for the floor. Rep said they will do whatever I want but suggested that I return it as some of the needed parts are on back order. I called Sam's Club and they said to bring it back and they would give me my money back or a gift card or whatever I desire. What a bunch of great company's!!!Now what to buy as I read good and bad from all the smokers?
  7. What's your ballpark budget?
  8. Is this the one you bought with two burners?

    It shows in stock online with free shipping I'm sure you could return the one you bought and have them order you one online shipped free to your house... or take the money and order yourself... my first smoker was a smokey mountain propane and I loved It for over 10 years. They are definitely built cheaper as mine had cast iron burner and chip box, I don't believe they make them like that anymore.
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    Yep that is the one I bought, has 2 burners. I planned to pay for whatever works, maybe around the 500 range. I have a large Oklahoma Joe's smoker and a small electric masterbuilt as well. I bought this one as it is very large and would fit well on the new side porch netted gazebo which I just finished. I planned on lots of smoke, beef jerky, etc.
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    Hello I have the same modle as you my temp has been good to me I can get it from 200 to 350 with no problem.I suggest add a 10 and 15 psi regulator to yours it should be be day and night difference
  11. You could always go this route. Similar to what I did but I installed the pellet hopper in my old propane smoker... love it


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