Need to smoke a large Turkey

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Original poster
Nov 11, 2016
We are having the whole family out for thanksgiving this year and will need a large turkey to feed them all.  I am looking anywhere from a 20 to 24 lb. turkey.  My question is if I cut the turkey in half do I then change my smoking to based on the weight of the to separate pieces (I.e. if I have a 20lb. turkey and cut it in half and now have (2) 10lb pieces do I base my cooking time on the 10lbs?)  I know it all comes down to temp at the end just curious with the amount of meat in the smoker will affect smoking time. TIA.
Yes you calculate it as a 10 pound piece of meat.

And yes the internal temp is the final deciding factor.
I just finished smoking a 21# bird in my Lang.

I separated the thighs from the breast & spatchcocked the breast.

It only took 3:15 to cook at 270 degrees.

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