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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smoking lina, May 27, 2013.

  1. Hello fellow smokers,
    My husband and I are new to smoking and we have seen that bourbon is the spirit of choice for most of you smokers. We are not familiar with Bourbon so I was hoping someone could school us on this fine spirit.
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    Lina, Down south bourbon and whiskey are intechangeable words. Canada has some fine whiskeys . You can try Jim beam if you like a touch sweet. Or jack daniels for a bit more bite.

     Makers mark is another step up. But we consider crown royal a very good whiskey
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    Hi Lina,

    I love bourbon, it is a sweet, smokey concoction with an alcohol content that makes for great cooking.  I only occasionally imbibe but I love bourbon for cooking.  My favorite is Maker's Mark.  One of my favorite things to make is my special BBQ sauce, known here abouts as BDSE sauce (Best Dang Sauce Ever).

    Here is a link to the recipe!

    PGSmoker's BDSE

    Enjoy and Get Smokin'

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  5. Thanks Bill,
    I looked at the recipe look yummy. I am going to try it and let you how we liked it.
  6. In our area there is bourbon whiskey and then there is Kentucky bourbon whisky. I prefer the Kentucky bourbon.
  7. If you can find it, and don't mind the price, then I would suggest Bookers.

    Being from TN I love Jack Daniels, but I love my KY bourbons as well.

    Buffalo Trace is another favorite.

    I drink them all neat, except for JD, and that's usually mixed with coke over ice.
  8. Lina,

    I prefer Maker's Mark for drinking or cooking. As PGSmoker 64 stated, it's sweet and smokey, and I would add smooth. I almost always add a dash to any homemade sauce I make and to spritz's when I use one.

    Take care
  9. You must be mistaken. Whiskey and bourbon are certainly not the same thing and words used interchangeably. Trust me, I live in Kentucky and have been to about every bourbon distillery here. It's like how every square is a rectangle bit not every rectangle is a square.
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    I'm not really a huge bourbon fan, but am working on it.  It takes a lot of practice, but I'm willing to put in the time.[​IMG]

    We went to Mammoth Cave this past summer and took the Makers Mark tour.  It's a very good tour.  But one of the great marketing things they do is their Ambassador program.  It's no cost to the consumer, but they keep sending "stuff" to you about Makers Mark.  They put your name on a barrel and you are given regular updates about how "your" bourbon is doing. Then when it's time, you can buy some bottles from your barrel.  Just the other day I got a Christmas hat in the mail to put on my Makers Mark bottle.  It's very cool little stuff like this that keeps them in my mind when I need to buy another bottle.
  11. That's so cool^^^^^
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    Buffalo Trace (made by same distillers and Pappy Van Winkle)...



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