need some prayers fast guys..........

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Smoking Fanatic
Original poster
May 15, 2010
lackawaxen, PA.
just got a call my son just had a motorcycle accident and is on the way to hospital in ambulance with broking leg and woke up from being out....not much is known at this time and only can see his leg was broke....please guys send some prayers, thank you all...........bob

thx, his wife called and said he just broke his leg and other real pain else where right now....had his helmet on....him and his buddies were coming up to an accident....he went to slow down and he just lost control of his bike, gravel on road or hit his brakes to hard not sure why....hit the curb then a metal sign post doing bout 35/40 mph....his wife don't think he has any internal injuries, once again thx guys.........bob

Prayers up for a biker brother!!!
Prayers sent for good news and a complete and speedy recovery
thx again guys....he is having surgery today to mend his leg and far haven't heard anything since last night if anything else is going on, so that's good news as of now........bob
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