Need more room

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Jun 29, 2023
I have 6 side ribs and 6 back ribs on the OKJ Highland. I also have a whole pork shoulder but not enough room to cook it all so the shoulder is going on tomorrow.

I originally used some rib racks to stand the ribs up on their edges during the first 3 hours in the smoker, but ditched the racks so I can more easily mop them until they’re done.

It is in really humid here today and we’re under a tornado watch right now. Had to extend the stack a bit but didn’t have any pipe so I rolled cardboard around The existing smokestack and secured it with electrical tape! It actually is working just fine. LOL

I hate cooking in humidity and rain but what can you do when you’re meat is ready to go?


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Holey crap, that's alot of ribs. . . looks good !
It was supposed to be just 6 back ribs and the pork shoulder but my first stop didn’t have backs but great looking sides. Then I had to stop at a different place later I. The day and they had backs on sale. So, I decided why not both?
I'll be in the pool dealing with the humidity... holler when they are done! Looks awesome!

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Thanks everyone! Here’s the final result. I have to say that cardboard makes a great stack extension (even held up in the rain!).


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Hell yeah Brother, that is what I call getting it done! Looks great.

Thank you!

I have to commend you on your avatar. It really ties the room together. :emoji_sunglasses:

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