need mass helpage on my uds

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Aug 9, 2012
I have been doing more reading than posting trying to learn something, I am overwhelmed with yalls knowledge.

basically I have my 30th design in mind if not higher.

I plan on putting a 55 gallon drum on top of a box.

using the calculator I need a 67" chimney if I use the 2" cap on the lid.

I plan on adding an access door  on side of drum to load and unload food.

 fire box will have a slide out tray .

now for my dilemma, the scratch your head and make yall think I am nuts.

instead of the 6" opening I want to make smoke tubes spaced around the drum bottom protruding 4" high in the drum to allow the smoke to go through that. I am thinking about 1" nipples.

This will allow me to fill bottom with water to keep moisture up. along with a small drain pipe on the outside to drain afterwards.

here is what the calculator told me

Link to BBQ Pit Calculator

now I am not the smartest person and may be trying to think too much into it. Can anyone even picture the beast I am thinking of?

I am mainly waiting to do taxes to get my refund money to buy a welder. I know how to weld but work will not let me bring theirs home.

I am not opposed to any criticism and open to other ideas to make something like this work.

I even tried to sketch it out but I am not a good artist.

Sorry this whole post sounds confusing but I am on a short break at work.. 
Hello.  Since you asked: Here is my opinion for what it is worth.  Others may have different advice.  This is only my opinion.  Many folks here don't use a water pan.  The calculator bases the chimney length according to the diameter of the chimney.  Larger diameter will allow a shorter chimney.  As I read your ideas and look at the calculations I see that you are using reverse flow and offset firebox calculations.  You must keep in mind that ( if I understand clearly ) you are going to stack your rig.  That will change the calculations IMHO.  The drum on top will help to "draw" heat and smoke and probably would need to be included in any calculation.  If you are designing something other than what the calculator is designed for then the numbers go out the window.  As I read your post ( and I may be wrong ) you are starting to enter the realm of a fridge conversion.  Totally different animal.  Maybe others will have better ideas.  This is only my opinion.  Even a bad drawing helps to understand your ideas.  Good luck.

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