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Need Help...PLEASE!!!


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I am DYING for smoked meat?  I have been unable to smoke anything for about the last 2-3 months, it's been so long I can't even remember.  The forecast tomorrow is something like this: Hot and Windy with a chance of this:

...except not followed by any rain.  The last 2 weeks have pretty much had winds everyday in the 30-40mph range, with a blowing dust becuase it is so dry.  We are under a fire hazard warning so I'm not sure if I even can smoke anything.

I've tried windbreaks but they don't work, i'm assuming because of my ECB, and most time just end up getting caught by the wind and blown over.  I have a standard Brinkmann Dual burner gas grill, and a 22.5" Weber kettle.  I have 5-6 lbs of Pork Country Ribs that I was asked to make tomorrow. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can smoke/simulate a smoke under windy conditions, in either the kettle/ gas grill?  Method/Time/Temp? or will my best bet be just a short smoke just to get the smoke flavor then finish in the oven? I am dying for some Q but I am afraid I may have to postpone, yet again, until next weekend.


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This is why i moved all my smokers and my grill into the garage!! Just turn the vent fans on and start smoking!!

In that kind of wind i would build a plywood wind break..maybe 3 sides or so,that way you can block most of the wind and still have

accsess to the smoker. Maybe you can place it on the side of the house a little more out of the wind.Or surcure it to a porch or something.And have a fire extingisher near by just incase!!!


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Garage smokes work for me too.

Just remember, you're after TBS not huge white billowing clouds



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You can smoke in that Weber kettle; that's how I got my start.  Just use an indirect method -- coals on one side and meat on the other.  I still do my turkeys smoked on the Weber -- stays at a perfect 250* all day long (I add 8-10 coals about every 30-45 minutes).  Chips or chunks go on top of the coals unless you use hardwood lump.  Put a pan of water under the meat and place the top vent over the meat so the smoke circulates around the kettle. 


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Here is a great site. The BBQ Pit Boys smoke everything on a Weber kettle. They have great videos that walk you through it step by step.


I love those guys!!!

Ever since my Son wired our Plasma TV directly to out iMac, and installed the Bluray player, we've been watching NetFlix DVDs & streaming movies, but I think I also watched every one of the videos from the "BBQ Pit Boys"!!! They make it fun to watch, with their subtle humor. 

And I like the way they can get two BLTs from one pound of Bacon.---My kinda guys!


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