Need Help party planning advice for cooking chicken in advance?

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by kboss714, May 30, 2015.

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    I'm having a party next weekend for my wife's birthday, and I' making a lot of BBQ and I was asked to do some chicken. I had not planed on chicken but now I will since it's on sale I will probably cook thighs. I will have a full smoker already when the ribs go in. I will have space but it will be before 11 when the ribs go in. The party starts @ 5. Will that be 2 early for the chicken since it will be siting for long time before serving or can I cook it early and then reheat at the party on the grill? Or do I make pulled chicken and hold it in a cooler like you would pulled pork?
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    I have done chicken quarters as much as 5-6 hrs ahead of time and just put them in a cooler. They stay nice and hot. Usually moved to an electric roaster for serving. Only problem is it is a moist environment so skin doesn't stay crispy.
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    Yes , holding them works great , and helps with , "This thing is raw!" thingy .

    Make sure the Chicken is below rest of the meat so NO juice drops on the other foods .

    Plan a little more time, you never know , and everything will be hot if kept in a cooler. .  .

    Happy Birthday ,  Mrs. kBoss714 . Keep him in line , it's YOUR DAY , he has to be nice to you all Day [​IMG]

    Have a good time and . . .

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