Need Help deciding on a Insulated Smoker!!

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Original poster
Mar 3, 2014
Hey my Meat smoking friends,

I need your help to decide what insulated smoker I should get?

Budget $3K max. Need to min of 3 racks that can hold a full size hotel pan at least 6" apart. 

So far here is what I am finding, would like some input please?

A Deep South Smoker the small single chamber one.

Southern Q's smokers

Their Limo Jr one.


Does anyone know someone who has one of these?

Feedback please. Looking to treat myself to a real nice Christmas present.


Tony S.
Hi Tony,

I believe you are looking at 3 excellent cookers. Although I don't have direct experience with Deep South or Assassin Smokers, I've never heard or read a bad word about either of them.

I do own a Southern Q Limo Jr. It's the first gravity fed cooker I've owned, and I love it! I've owned and used many different kinds of smokers over the years, and IMO this is the best pit I've ever owned. Paired with a BBQ Guru temp controller (a match made in heaven IMO), my cooker will easily reach and hold steady temps for as long as I need it to.

Maybe some owners of the other 2 cookers will weigh in...but IMO you'd be thrilled with any one of the 3 cookers you're considering.

Good luck! Half the fun is shopping and decidng what you want!

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