Need Assistance- New Smoker wont Smoke!!

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Apr 8, 2008
Roscommon, MI
I recently installed a Jade Range Duck Cooker and I am attempting to use it as a smoker.  I have the gas hooked up and the smoker is heating properly.  My only concern is the actual smoke.  I have attempted to use soaked apple wood rolled up in tin foil.  I have place the foil boats directly above the heat source. 

The chips do smoke and turn a dark burnt color but the smoke is invicible.  I can definitely smell the smoke but can not see it.  I smoked a few pheasant breasts this afternoon and they came out very good but did not have much of a smoke ring.

Any sugguestions on getting more smoke from my wood source?  All advise will be appreciated.

Thanks - Soup
Try using the chips dry!
Can you smell the smoke? If so then your smoking. I also would try the chips dry.
Don't be fooled by the "Ninja Smoke"

You don't want thick white clouds of smoke, cuz it contains creosote and other nasties.

You want a thin blue smoke coming out of your exhaust vent.

Next time you smoke, place a paper plate on one of the racks.  When you're done smoking, you'll notice a light brown color on the white paper plate.

Jade range equipment is real nice...didn't see the duck cooker on their site.

Is it a new product??


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