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  1. I put a 9lb pork butt in the smoker at 4:30 pm today and set it to 225 and have the wife adding my chips and spraying it every 2 hrs until she goes to bed. I am figuring 1.5 hrs a lb so I am hoping it will be in good shape until I get home at 6am to check on it. I am a little worried about over cooking it. Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated. Thank you
  2. Well if it takes the 13 1/2 hours, as you have figured, it should be OK.  But then again, there is the stall to consider also.
  3. I am actually hoping for the stall so I have plenty of time to get home and get it done after I get there. I was a little worried about over cooking. Trying to have her ready for the big game tomorrow.
  4. I do hope all goes well, I have no idea when all the hype and bull crap starts tomorrow, but it should be done, with time allowed to have in the cooler, wrapped in foil and a towel for an hour or so.  What temp are you shooting for?  160 or 190- 205? Sliced or pulled?
  5. Thanks for the hopeful thinking, I am shooting for the 205 range for pulled pork. Party starts at 1 pm so if it's done a little before or after that would be great. I definitely plan on doing the foil, towel, and cooler with it. This is my first butt I am new to smoking. Just a little nervous it all works out.
  6. May the luck of the Irish be with you.  Enjoy the game and I do hope you have some good friends and good eats for them to watch the game with you.
  7. Thank you very much Palladini I am really looking forward to seeing how the butt turns out when I get home
  8. My new smoker. Built a fire and maintained 350 degrees. Could bake a cake in it, but ribs will be better.
  9. I cook pork butts quite often. I sometimes let it cook uncovered till it reaches temp, 200, then wrap it in foil. I then wrap it up in towels and put it to bed in the cooler. I leave the maverick probe in and I don't unwrap till the temp get down to 160 degrees. It will take close to 4 hours for it to drop to 160. During that time the meat is simmering in added peach, mango or its own juices. When I break open the foil the meat is truely ready to be pulled.

    Sometimes I wrap it up at 160 in a smallish foil pan and leave it on the pit till it hits temp,200. This will speed up the cooking process. Then I do the above. 

    When I first pull it off the pit at 200 I'll drain a bit off the sauce and chill it. After chilling you can take off the fat cap and have a nice thick sauce. I'll either warm that up and pour over the pulled pork or add it to my bbq sauce used for the pulled pork sandwiches.

    Give these a try and let me know how it comes out.
  10. I will definitely try those out, that's sounds like some awesome pork!! Thanks for the method tips Parman it's much appreciated!!
  11. tc fish bum

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    peach and mango, ok you have my attention. what kind of rub are you using? are you leaning the asian way ? that sounds sounds like a great idea, peach/mango ! why didnt i think of that. Q-view your next one pleeeeease.
  12. I will let you on to this, I use a few teaspoons of Chipotle Mango to my rub mixtures.  People who have my smoked goods, love them.
  13. tc fish bum

    tc fish bum Meat Mopper

    as they should! im getting sick of the same old same old, you have given me a new and happy route. thank you, thank you, oh and i forgot thank you

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