Need a Moderator to check this ( spam )

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This one missed me.
Most of my Harassment comes to me by Phone:
#1. My new car warranty is gonna run out on an unknown car.
#2. I can get a cheaper Charge Card.
#3. I can get cheaper electric.
Many more.

You would think after I ignore them a couple hundred times, they'd take my name & number off their list!!!


On Edit: I was wrong, it didn't miss me.
I don't do chat, so I didn't notice it was in "Private Chat" along with 4 other old messages. I left those conversations now.
People should just use the regular PM (Conversation) if they want to get to me.

I got it, too. Like Nefarious said, it costs next to nothing on their end and if they get one person to fall for it out of a thousand or two it's a win for them.
We don't answer the phone(s) if it's a number we don't know. It's sad that there are more than ever and no one apparently can do anything about it.
Lazy Ass####s who don't want to work for an honest living....
And I thought I was special! Got the same private message. Dang thought I had found true love to go with my millions from the Kenyan prince.
Need a Moderator to check this for me . At 5:22 am I seem to have received a Private Chat
from Heartofsu6 asking for me to bring her to the new world and help her with all her money. lol
It says she joined at 5am today

Just giving a heads up about spam, I think
I can upgrade to a Yoder from my Lil' Joe, get a packer that I often dreamed of ... can you just forward her contact info?
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Wait….. so nobody else emailed her? Nobody else sent her the money to get her to America? Guess y’all don’t like money.
You guys are joking...i took it (her) seriously. She transferred all her savings to an account of mine 3mil dollars. But it turns out i can only pay myself as a trustee after i disburse all funds to various charites as she instructed. The trustee can withdraw up to 500k, with receipts, but expenses don't have to be tied to disbursements. So one can buy smokers,meat, wood and a truck to pull that trailer smoker. Problem is i am very busy at my 50k/year job so i don't have time to deal with is. If interested let me know i can transfer the 3M to your account. I just need to be reimbursed for the transfer fees of $1500 i paid.

My email [email protected]
Did she include a pic, by chance?

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