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Natural Casings

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by fished, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. Me and my wife made up a batch of the ham sticks.  We attempted to use the sheep casing, but had a difficult time getting them on the stuffer tube.  We ended up giving up and used the colengen casings.  Is there a trick to the natural casings on the stuffer tube?  We have the Lem 5 pound stuffer.  It came with plastic stuffer tubes.  I bought the smaller stainless tube for making snack sticks.  The sheep casing we bought are for making breakfast sausage, hot dogs and snack sticks.  We soaked them for about two hours.  When we tried to put them on the tube they split and were hard to get on.  We just gave up.  Is there a trick to this we don't know about?
  2. sheep casings can be cantankerous lil mothers. i've found a oiled up stuffer tube helps, also, crank stuffer till the meat just begins to come out the end of tube, that also helps puttin casings on. getting the casing opened up is my biggest issue with my gorilla fingers. i've yet to figure that one out.
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