Got Stuffer Ordered now need Casings and Recipe

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Yes fresh. I do snack with the jerky cannon and MES40.

I like several. That was what I liked about going to Hirsh's meats. They had a ton and all good. My favorites where the Cuban and Cheeseburger. I thinking of giving that Colombian chorizo a go. Sounds right up my alley. Should I get some sodium erythorbate?

Fresh. I see people smoke ahead of time after they make than freeze? I thinking I would rather just cook as needed. I sure miss going to Hirsh's Meats.
Ah ok Fresh is simpler. It sounds to me like you just want to mix it up, stuff, link & cut, then vacuum seal to grill or even smoke another day.

I do this with my Brats that are "fresh" (no cure) and with my cured Franks. I rarely smoke my Franks as they are amazing just thrown on the grill but I do have the option to smoke them like a cured sausage if I like, and I have done this a few times. I just open a few packs and lay the links on my smoker racks and then follow the smoked sausage process (walk up temps slowly over a few hours until IT of like 152F or so).

Best Brats I've ever had came from LEM's Fresh Brat seasoning BUT using 27.3gm of seasoning per pound of sausage meat. Their instructions on the packaging are not to be trusted so much :D
If you want a good easy 1st run then this is good info for a store bought seasoning, before you dive into mixing your own :D
I would add to make sure you find the gland and remove. You don't HAVE to but I would.

I would add to make sure you find the gland and remove. You don't HAVE to but I would.

Completely not necessary. Nobody who cooks a whole bone in pork butt cuts that gland out. Further nobody that cooked whole hog cuts any gland out of the animal. This is all a red herring. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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