Myron Mixon Smoker For Sale

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  1. For Sale: Myron Mixon MS-60 H2O Smoker. If you are serious about BBQ this is a smoker that can take it to the next level. Fully insulated cooker, very efficient wood burner. Water pan runs entire length and produces some incredibly moist meat. Equipted with automatic water float. This is 60in wide and can hold a 150lbs hog with no head, 20 butts, and 25+ racks of ribs. I had an extra rack added since it normally comes with 2. Smoker is in great shape, garage kept, brand new unopened custom cover. Please call...NO EMAIL (618)-924-3788 Located in Southern Illinois
  2. What are you asking?
  3. 5100 obo
  4. Sure is nice[​IMG]
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    Stumps platinum 5 for sale (305)401-3448 Tom
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    Timing!!! This is the exact rig I've been looking for. Just my luck! Had a catastrophic failure on my lawn mower and I'm looking at spending at least this much to replace it! Beautiful setup. I'm sure it will be gone by the time I recover from the mower purchase $$$$. Good luck! Is it really as good as I've heard it is?
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    This thing around?
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    Why are you selling. Just a question
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    Have you sold it?
  10. ok I was hoping I could get some info on it from you is it as easy to use as the great Myron Mixon says I'm a old stick burner dude my self I have a Wichita Loaded Yoder and I love it looking to do some catering and would like to find something quicker to get the job done but still produce great BBQ

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