My very first smoke

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Dec 9, 2013
Just figured I'd post my first experience. To give back a bit from what i learned here.
This is my first ever using propane and any smoker!
After figuring out how sensitive the regulator is in this unit (can only turn tank on 1/3 turn) or the flame dies out.
Anyways, got the 7in1 all seasoned up.
Brined a full chicken over night with a simple brine found on this site, with a few extra spices thrown in. Next morning. Rinsed, died and rubbed with some McCormick Montreal Chicken. Wrapped and fridged for 5 hours.
Pre heated to 275, threw her on.
It did take almost 4 hours, just cause I kept peeking and trying to get the wood smoking right. Added some baby red potatoes and brown sugar apples towards the end.
Here she is!

not as flavorful as I'd liked, and the skin could've been a tad crisper. But in all,very juicy I'm very pleased!

Only "problems" I have are the chips go up way too fast, wet and foiled. so I switched to chunks. They still seem to go way to fast.
Next, the burner flame. It seems rather large to get it to 300. about half way open on the 5psi regulator.
I'm learning. And will not do oven roasted chicken again!
Thanks everyone, for your ideas and knowledge.
I too am new to smoking but I found that closeing my dampener and raising my wood higher above the flame helped reduce the time between adding wood...less oxygen and spred the heat out more made them smolder more . I also had to adjust the dampener on my burner as I had a yellowish orange flame and as I adjusted this it turned blue from what I understand is optimized.
I hope what little experience I have helps and good luck happy smoking!!!
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Jake and Joe . Welcome to our forum and we hope you decide to stay here and call this home for all your Smoking needs

A bitt of a suggestion about the operation of your Gassers , invest in a needle valve for the gas line , this will let you open the tank for the pressure and titrate the flow better.

Please stop in at your "Profile" and tell us where you are from , helps in answering your questions.

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