My Sons Birthday Request!!

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Rafter H BBQ

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Jun 18, 2013
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Hey all, I had to share this with you!

So, my sons birthday is next Thursday, April 29 (he will be 12). He came to me a few weeks ago and said “Dad, you know my birthday is coming up?” I said “Yea, I do.” He looks at me for a few seconds and says “I know what I want”. I said “Oh, ok... what would that be?” He looks at me and says... “Well, I’ve been thinking for a while and I want a grill like yours but just a little smaller.”

Well, I wasn’t sure which one he was talking about due to I may or may not have a collection... Ok, I do have a collection!

So, after a bit of talking with him he was referring to my Weber Kettle 22”.

I was really happy he wanted a grill, but held off ordering one due to sometimes kids will say something and change their minds. But the last couple weeks he’s been chatting non stop about “When I get my grill, I am going to cook some wings.” He mentioned it every night when I got home from work this week and last week! Wings are without a doubt his all time favorite food! So, after he mentioned it over and over for two weeks... I figured that is really what he wants and I had better place an order. I did get the order placed!

He will be getting a Weber Kettle 18”, a vortex, a bag of charcoal and a few accessories (one of which is a pair of gloves). I still remember the first time using my vortex, I was not thinking and dang near branded my hand with the Weber emblem from the handle.



I am really excited to give him his gift next Thursday and break it in with a batch of wings.

Thanks for lookin all!
You sir go to the head of the "best dad" line. Get 'em hooked on bbq-ing and meat smoking and he wont have money to get in trouble with. Of course you may need to start a "go fund me" for wings and charcoal. :emoji_laughing:
What a great gift for a youngster, that is one sweet setup! Wings, burgers, maybe a steak now and then. Happy B-Day to your son, I'll bet he's thrilled with his gift. RAY
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I gave my grandson a toy Weber for Christmas a couple years ago because he has always been fascinated by mine.
Toy Weber
I think he had just turned 4. It's still one of his favorites, and we might upgrade to a real 18" in a few more years, like your son. It'll probably have to be a my house, though. (For the record, his dad sucks at bbq and grilling, and most everything else in the manly arts.)
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Wow. That hit me. I love when my son wants to cook with me but at four his attention span isn’t quite there yet. It is great sharing a love and passion. Tell him happy birthday and enjoy the bonding.
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That's Awesome, Justin!!
You got a couple of Great Kids.
A Son who's ready for some Grilling!!!
And I know that Daughter is also a Great Hunter!!
What more Fun could a Dad ask for!!

That's awesome! Yep gonna be the best dad! Tell him happy birthday from me and Shelly also! Can't wait to see his 1st post!

Oh and in a few years you can get him a home brewers kit... then he can make ya beer and BBQ for ya! :emoji_blush:

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That's cool hope he has a great Birthday and gets lots of use out of his new grill
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