My new toy showed up today

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Dec 14, 2006
Everett Washington
I decided to go ahead and buy the weston 9" food slicer, got it from instawares for really dirt showed up today, I need to clean it and then give her a test run but I already can see it's WAYYYYYYYY better then that old toastmaster pos I've been struggling with!!!!

yea, similar design but the blade on this is 8 5/8" and is really nice and big, it also is not a direct gear drive, it's driven by a geared belt setup which I think is better......I need to get new batteries on my camera so I can take more pic's......yea the gears are still plastic but I don't have issues with that...especially when this cost so little!!!
Is the platform bigger than a 7.5" has? I don't have any issue's with my blade, but the platform isn't quite big enough to slice large pieces like butt bacon or rump roasts.
Hey Smoked -

Your pictures show this thing better than the ads do! Looks great now use it and tell me how great it is so I can buy mine! I still have it book marked!

the platform is 7 3/4 long and is about 6 3/4 long before the front edge of the knife. It's still a tad small, I'd like bigger but this will work well. couple more pic's.....I've also already burned that engineering mind of mine....I can make a new platform to work on this......this design makes it too easy.........just need my tools now


I'll let you guys know, I did have to fix one small thing on it.....the diecast hub they didn't clean out well so getting the blade off was a bitchola.....but I saw what the issue big, but brings to thought about made in china (although damn near everything is nowadays)..... here is a pic of exactly why I wanted to buy a new one...... the weston next to the pos....anybody who thinks I'm not gonna be happy is smoking too much with the wacky wood!!! and remember, I've got 5 roasts that are corning right now to make corned beef and pastrami....hummmmmmm a deli I might not be, but it will keep the family happy!!!!!!
keep checking for those "coupons" far, I'm very happy with this......gonna give her a good try with that last run of pepperoni I think, and then try it with some of the mozz........that should give me a good idea of what she will and will not do.......
okay, I was kinda not feeling all that hot today and spent most of the day in bed.....but I did manage to get to trying the slicer on some of the pepperoni and homemade mozz cheese.......
First and foremost, if you have ever seen the super thin deli "shaved" meats.....this slicer can and will do that with had no problems at all with the pepperoni making it that thin to thicker slices........
Second, the mozz bogged it down.....I'm not sure if they have a special blade for soft cheese or did slice it....I'll have to try hard cheeses soon as well......

she is a tad noisey, but what do you expect.....still not as noisy as the toastmaster, but it's not super quiet at all......small issues and not a big deal......

all in all this is an excellent slicer, way better then my old one, it's also easier to clean. I'll have more info after I do the corned beef and pastrami, but those are still corning right now!!!
If it works good for cheese too you got a sale! My old Rival could not cut cheese it just dragged it around and tore it up! I noticed there's a ton of them on eBay! LOL guess no one liked that model!
well it didn't do a "great job" on the soft cheese, I suspect it will be better with hard cheeses but still have to try that.....I'm very happy with it on the meat!!!! I've never had a slicer that would do it that thin in fact, at least not on purpose!!
and seeing that I only spent 84 bucks on this thing......not only a sale but a steal also!!!!!!
its our little secret......only thing I didn't like was the length of time it took instawares to process and send the unit.......but now I've got it I'm very happy......

oh yea, only other negative thing I could come up with is the clear plastic food pusher......but I can get over that.......if you look at the comp pics you will see the one for my old unit was.....well a tad bit destroyed!!!!!!

it did do better on semi hard cheese (montary jack) but I think honestly it should have a cheese blade....I've emailed weston to see if they have a cheese blade for it and if they also have a blade sharpener for it as I said, this ain't no professional unit, but it will do a pretty damn good job and is a great price....
oh no.....well if your gonna get in trouble I'd say get the stuffer now also....get it all over in one shot!!!!!!
and tell momma, my evil twin made me do it
King Kooker, $289 + shipping
Jerky board, knife, and spice, $30
Mother's two hour jerky rack $30
vacuum food sealer $80
15 lb digital food scale, $36
Weston 9" slicer $92 (with shipping)

That first batch of jerky came out to a little over $300 per pound!! And I was complaining how expensive jerky was!! Hubby just shakes his head...
I really hope the price on your next batch goes down.

I saw that Debi!

<jess wanders off shaking head>
uh oh....see debi, this is what happens when you let them in the door like that.......they start listening!!!!!!
icon_mrgreen.gif that jessie is not listening.......did I tell you about this grinder I saw????? he he he he hehehhehehehehehehehhe is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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