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  1. I had a Masterbuilt 30' Smokehouse which I bought at Walmart with an extended warranty went on the fritz after 13 months, the digital control would constantly shut off, and Walmart wasn't able to fix it they returned my money, I decided to go with a pellet smoker. Did alot of research on them and decided that the Rec Tec was the one for me. What sold me on it was the ease of use, the positive reviews and their customer service. I got it in August and we are loving it.  Have done baby backs, chicken, meatloaf, boneless leg of lamb and salmon. I recently did bone in beef short ribs, the smoke ring on them was amazing. I just started smoking mixed nuts, what a great flavor to them. I also cold smoking some cheddar, havarti and swiss cheese yesterday, will have to wait a couple of weeks to find out how they came out.
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    Let's see it in action!



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  3. Will post pictures soon
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