My five step butter smoking procedure

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hillbilly jim

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Apr 13, 2015
Floyd, VA
I have Mr. T to thank for the progress I've made in smoking cheese and butter. Through his posts, I have learned much. Thank you, Sir.

That being said, I want to share the procedure I developed. Not suggesting this is THE procedure or even that this should be followed. This is simply what I have found to be what works well for me.

1- Put the butter, still wrapped, in the freezer and leave it for at least a few hours to fully harden. Makes it a lot easier to handle when unwrapping in preparation for smoking.

2- Remove the butter from freezer, unwrap and place on smoking screen. In the pic, you'll see the tray. It's a simple wooden frame covered with a sheet of number 4 (1/4") stainless steel screen.  The screen is attached with staples.

3- Put the tray of butter in the smoker, light the AMNPS and shut the door.

4- On completion of smoke, remove the tray of butter and put back in freezer. This hardens it up in preparation for wrapping.

5- After sufficient time in the freezer, remove, wrap with sheets of wax paper deli style and put back in the freezer for storage.

When my customers show up, the butter is hard frozen. That gives them plenty of time to get it home and in their frig without it warming up and getting soft, even in the summer months.

That's my story an' I'm stickin' to it.

Seems like I've smoked just about everything, but I have not yet smoked butter.

I'm going to give your process a try the next time we get some cool weather down here.

Thanks for posting it!

Agreed! And this looks like a good plan!

How long do you typically smoke your butter? And ,have you found a temperature you need to keep under when smoking?
I have Mr. T to thank for the progress I've made in smoking cheese and butter. Through his posts, I have learned much. Thank you, Sir.
You are welcome, glad to help. It is good that you have found a system that is working well for you.

 You might consider a handheld smoke generator; it allows you to smoke foods in a short time inside the house. My wife uses it when making smoked cheese balls and sauces. Among many other things, I use it to smoke butter, sliced unsmoked cheese, and steaks for example prior to service. It long ago paid for itself.

If smoking commercial butter, let it soften then place in food processor and add smoke while pulsing a few times. You will then have butter evenly smoked throughout. It can be made into rolls or placed in molds prior to freezing.

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