My first Weber!!!

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  1. So a dude put a 22.5" Weber Kettle for sale on Facebook. Yesterday I picked it up.
    It's got the grates that lift up to add fuel.
    The guy actually was using his to smoke with and bought a new smoker.
    I'm just gunna clean it, season it and probably add a thermometer. And den we gunna smoke
  2. nice pick up i hope you didnt pay over 80-100$ wally world sells them 100 brand new... Also if thats going to be used alot as a smoker might want to consider ordering a smokeanator or a vortex for your kettle they look like handy tools but i dont know for sure. i mainly use my kettle for grilling but i may get a wild hair and throw some ribs or maybe a brisket on there soon.
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    Congrats! That was my primary smoker/grill for 10+ years. The hinged grates are a must, all you need to smoke are some bricks or rocks to keep the coals together and a water pan of some sort. Once you get the hang of working the vents and coal management it's fairly easy to get 4-6 hour burns without having to add fuel.....also no need to season weber products, the porcelain coating is all the protection the metal needs, fire it up and let her rip.
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    Think you can see how I set up my coals in this pic, area for coals is off to the left under the hinge, that's about a 9# butt btw
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  5. Man, thanks for the response. I only paid $40. The guy actually asked for $50.
    Yeah it has the hinged great.
    How do you recommend cleaning it. I just want to clean it good before I use it. What do you do to clean the grates?
    Hey Kerx can I just use standard red bricks?
  6. a charcoal chimney or 2 full of coals would likely be sufficient for cleaning it but you could also use white vinegar and spray it around and do it a bit of scrubbing. just make sure you do a dry run before cook food on it the vinegar could impart a nasty flavor. as for using bricks in the grill yes red would work but pretty much any brick or rock would work it would not only keep the coals in place but act as a diffuser to keep the direct heat off the meat which with smoking low n slow is what you want.
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    I've never cleaned mine other than running it hot and scooping out what flakes off, be careful scrubbing you don't want to scratch through the porcelain coating, coarse sponge would be ok, I wouldn't use a brush or anything too stiff. I've heard of regular bricks popping and cracking due to moisture, I've never had it happen though, I use rocks or firebrick.
  8. Well here's the new grill.
    I cleaned it up some, enough to smoke on it.

    Looking forward to wet my smoking wings.

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