My first's a fatty!!

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Jan 25, 2011
This is my first qview so any pointers are welcome.  i have learned a lot from this forum and just want to try and contribute as well.

i am tragically behind on getting this qview up.  this was done on Superbowl Sunday.  anyway, here goes...

Here are my components.  a little over a pound of bulk pork sausage from the local grocer, 2# thick-cut bacon, 4 cups sharp cheddar, and a couple jalapeno peppers.

i weaved one pound of the bacon into a mat and fried up the other to extra crispy.  to the weaved mat i added a healthy layer of Jeff's rub (I am absolutely a believer in this recipe).


next, i rolled out the sausage in a gallon sized freezer bag, cut three sides open on the plastic bag and peeled it back.  to the sausage I added the cheese to within about an inch of the edges, topped it with the jalapeno peppers (diced), and topped it off with the fried bacon and a drizzle of some Country Bob's Apple Chipotle bbq sauce.  below is a nice view of the mountain of goodness before rolling it up.


after rolling it up i realized that the sausage roll was longer than the bacon mat so i carefully pinched off one end and made a small loaf.  the roll i wrapped in the bacon and dusted the outside with another layer of Jeff's rub.  both went on my ECB with mesquite chunks providing the smoke.


the loaf got done in about 2 hours while the fatty itself took another 1.5 hours to get to 160 degrees.  both turned out great!  next time, i think i will go for a 'black n bleu' fatty using ground beef and bleu cheese crumbles. 

Here is the loaf split open.  nice smoke ring encompassing that cheesy bacon bliss!

And...the masterpiece!  I slathered more Country Bob's on the bacon about 20 minutes before I pulled it.  really gave it a nice shine and added yet another layer of flavor to this beast!

Thanks for checking out my first qview...hope it helped or at least entertained.
Polymer, you've just contributed.  Thanks for sharing the Q view with us.  If this fatty tastes half as good as it looks you were right on the mark.  Great Job. Now I've got to try this. 
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