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Discussion in 'Pork' started by grilldad, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. grilldad

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    I have been working on my grill/smoker to get it working right, and now I feel ready to do pulled pork. I went with a recipe found on youtube Called "Every Day Barbecue Boston Butts", the recipe was based on Myron Mixon's recipe. I brined a 4.5lb bone-in butt in apple juice, vinegar, brown sugar and salt overnight. This morning I pulled it from the fridge and rubbed it with a brown sugar based rub, while I readied the smoker. I used cherry wood that I soaked last night, I also used the water from soaking the chips in the water pan in my smoker. I put the pork in at 225 and now we wait................................................... More to come on my first pulled pork attempt!

    Soaked Cherry chips over night

    Drained the water off to go in the water pan...look at that color!

    Brined the pork over night, we didn't square it up because of the size of this one.

    We scored through the fat cap and dry rubbed

    225 and got the smoke to start kick'n and in she goes!

  2. disco

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    This is going to be great! Watching your posts!


  3. It is going to be so good![​IMG]

    Happy smoken.

  4. grilldad

    grilldad Fire Starter

    The smoker is holding temps she's about 230 now and got good smoke rolling out the vents. One thing I can see that might be an issue is the size. It will be a good way to get started but I don't have much room for my drip pan. Also we are going to do some sausage soon and we will have to hang each link due to the height for a maximum of 16 links per batch.
  5. disco

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    Sounds great. Still watching!

  6. Good luck! Sounds like it will be delicious. I have rubbed the pork the night before and brined my birds. Never thought to brine the pork... interesting.

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  7. grilldad

    grilldad Fire Starter

    Yah I guess the hole idea is to get even flavor and tenderness without wrapping in foil. That way I can "hopefully" get some more time on smoke and a good bark. We will see? I just bumped the temp up to 250 to speed the cooking up a bit due to my late start. I got my inlaws coming over for dinner tonight and don't want to keep waiting. From what I've been seeing 250 is still a suitable temp but next time I will get up earlier. At the 2 hour mark and I refreshed the water pan and smoke chips. It should be done in another 3-4 hours
  8. grilldad

    grilldad Fire Starter

    hour 3 starting to get some good color!

  9. bdskelly

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    Looking Mighty fine. B
  10. grilldad

    grilldad Fire Starter

    Its been over 5 hours and temped in around 164. I put it back in and bumped up the temp to 275 for another hour or so....The bark is coming out real nice!
  11. bdskelly

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    !65... You've got a ways to go my friend. What temp will you pull it? 
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  12. grilldad

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    Just pulled it out at 180 going to let it rest for 45min. That makes for a 6 hour cook at just below 150. I feel its done, I don't trust that thermometer and need to pick up a dual probe setup. And.......

  13. bdskelly

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    Those smoker thermos are usually off. Mine was.   That is why a lot of us have Maverick Remotes   It looks good Dad.  Good luck. 
  14. grilldad

    grilldad Fire Starter

    I have a thermo that I use for my home brewing and I think it's about 10 degrees off, but......

    And I'm full...REALY FULL! the flavor was amazing and the texture was spot on. I'm never doing pulled pork in a crock pot ever again! I watch my temps today but didn't have to. all that needs to be done is to refill the water pan and smoke chips every two hours.
  15. I spent a little extra and got a Thermoworks thermocouple. I am sure there were cheaper just as effective thermos but I spoiled myself for my birthday. Having a good dual channel thermo is an awesome experience. Incidentally, my door thermo was off between 10 and 25 degrees throughout a 6 hour cook.


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  16. kathrynn

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    Looks awesome from here.  Great job!

  17. disco

    disco Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Looks very tasty.

  18. 180? thats a little low to be pulled pork. 200*+....and whos doing pulled pork in a crock pot? im pretty sure thats illegal on this forum. haha.
  19. lazykitty

    lazykitty Fire Starter

    Your pork looks great.
  20. dirtsailor2003

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    Looks like your pork turned out great. Typically for pulled pork, I pull mine from the smoker when the IT hits 205*. I like to run my smoker at 265* when cooking butts, so no problem bumping the heat up. I too prefer to not foil during the cook and I run smoke the entire time. Once you pull the meat from the smoker foil wrap and rest for a good 45min-1 hour before pulling. Remote digital therms like the dual probe Mav 732 and the dual probe iGrill really work well for smoking.

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