My first cold smoked salmon in my Big Green Egg

Discussion in 'Other' started by hud52, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. As I just bought an A-MAZE-N Pellet Smoker, I wanted to try cold smoking the Coho (silvers to those below the border) I caught last Thursday.  I used the recipe from:

    I brined the 12 lbs of coho for (8 hours), wet brined it (8 hours), refreshed it (35 minutes), air dried it (2 hours), then smoked it for 2 hours. First time trying this recipe, but it worked out really well.......As I couldn't find Alder pellets, I used a combination of Apple pellets and Alder wood chips in my A-Maze-N smoker box. To ensure the temperature didn't go above 75 degrees farenheit I put a pan of ice in the Big Green Egg and used my temperature probe.

    Smoked the fish in the Egg for two hours and just had a very tasty noon hour snack of cold smoked salmon on crackers with cream cheese and capers! Awesome!

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    Tasty looking Coho! Nice Smoke!
  3. MY T FINE!

    Happy smoken.

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    I like Lox a lot
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    That looks great, nice job with a good color. Also congrats on the pellet smoker you will love it for cheese and all other kinds of cold smokes you will do. 

  7. Thanks driedstick.  I took a couple of pieces of the salmon to a dinner for 6 last Friday evening  and it was all consumed in record time, not a shred left.  I guess they like it.  I'll be making some more this week.  Can't wait to start smoking cheese now I have the right tools to do so.
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    Looks great hud!  Unless they ran out, you can order alder pellets from a-maze-n.

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