My first build... 60 gallon on a trailer

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by sphumbard, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. sphumbard

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    This build is almost complete as I start this thread. I joined this forum back in 2010 as I started planning a build. I work out of town a lot so after about 2 years of collecting free materials I finally started the build in March of 2013. I viewed  many threads and looked at pictures of other builds to get ideas and used all the resources that I could find. A big thanks to all on here who share their information.

    The build was slowed by my travels and while out of town my shed was cleaned out and I was without a welder for a while.

    I finally found a tank for my cook chamber in Feb of 2013 and my adventure began.

    This was all the work that I accomplished in March of 2013. Next comes April.
  2. Don't leave us hanging. Your off to a good start.

    Happy smoken.

  3. sphumbard

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    So as you can see I purchased a trailer kit from Northern and put that together. The 1 1/2 steel tube is a freebie from some demo at a job I did.

    The tank I spotted laying on its side next to a barn in the woods just down the road from where I live. After some negotiation the guy finally let me have it for $160. I had no luck in 2 years of searching at local scrap yards finding something for my cook chamber.
  4. sphumbard

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    So a couple of days pass and I finally find a little more time to work.


    I will say... I purchased my first welder for this project. A Hobart handler 140. Had played with welding just a little in the past as I worked in the HVAC field for a few years and took some classes. So I am learning to weld as I go. Still learning today :)
  5. sphumbard

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    I have to back up and give my wife credit for the negotiation on the tank! Also in first post I said on to April but found my other March pictures.
  6. sphumbard

    sphumbard Fire Starter

    First pics March 10, 2013

    Second March 12, 2013

    Now March 28, 2013.... time flies and a couple of weeks with no smoker work. Started plugging a few holes in tank before mounting. Wish I had a plasma cutter. Making circles with a grinder is a challenge but I got it done

    I will leave the small hole in place for my drain on my reverse flow plate.
  7. sphumbard

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    Funny how time gets away... Now it is April 14, 2013. Finally started mounting tank on trailer.

  8. sphumbard

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    Next day got side supports fabbed and installed.

  9. sphumbard

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    April 16, 2013

    Time to cut into the tank for the door. After doing a lot of research decided to install hinges before cutting all the way thru the door.

  10. sphumbard

    sphumbard Fire Starter

    April 17, 2013

    Finished welding hinges and making cuts on door. Finally inside![​IMG]

    Tank looked great inside for something that had been turned over in the dirt for two years.
  11. following
  12. sphumbard

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    Sometime between April 17 and May 12 I was able to add the opening for the firebox and weld in a 4X8 piece of tube steel. Forgot to take pics but can see from inside the tank when I added the angle and drain for the reverse flow plate.

  13. daveomak

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    Is your CC / Tank 34 gallon ???
  14. sphumbard

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    It was a 60 gallon air compressor. I know the 4X8 may be a little small.
  15. sphumbard

    sphumbard Fire Starter

    Fast forward to August 15 2013. Installing the reverse flow plates. Only seem to have one picture.

  16. Looking Good

  17. sphumbard

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    Another few months go by and find a little more time to do some work on the smoker. Jan 14-15, 2014 I add a plenum and smoke stack.

  18. sphumbard

    sphumbard Fire Starter

    I find myself on the road again with no time to to work on smoker. It will be towards the end of the year before I get back to it. My son graduates high school, daughter and son both move out of my house leaving it empty most of the time. Late August shed is broken into and welder along with many other items are stolen. I get married, move and my son enlist in the Air Force and is scheduled to leave in Feb of 2015. It is time to buy another welder and get this project back on the road so we can smoke something before he leaves.
  19. sphumbard

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    Now it is October. Back home and working locally for a while. Time to get this thing done. Time to add the firebox. 100# propane tank that I picked up for free.

    As some of you probably can figure out quickly... the tank added so much weight on the rear with the short tongue that this thing was now out of balance. Stood straight up when I took the jack stand out. Needless to say I had to purchase some steel and make the tongue on the trailer longer. Not a big deal since it was easy to find a post on here where someone had the same problem.
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    Thanks GaryS

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