My first Boston Butt

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Jun 23, 2012
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Finally did my first Boston Butt today, with great results. Used my Masterbuilt gasser with a AMNPS. Details below:

In the smoker it goes:

AMNPS hidden inside it's cage at the bottom:


Daughter almost drank the bottle:


I will say that I was very surprised as to how well it turned out for my first butt.


1. Rubbed the 5# bone in Butt on Valentine's eve :biggrin: with Jeff''s rub and yellow mustard

2. Next day, cranked up the smoker to 350*

3. Placed butt in smoker on 2nd shelf with foil drip pan on 3rd.

4. Installed Mr. AMNPS under the burner in it's custom drilled out cage with Hickory Pellets

5. Started to reduce heat slowly to 250ish*

3. Every hour, misted the butt with a mixture of 3/1 apple juice & Meier's Rum......(Thank you Meowey)

4. 3.5 hours later, inserted the Maverick's probe and got an IT of 147*

5. Raised temp to 280* for the next couple hours til IT came to 165*

6. Put the butt into a foil pan and double wrapped in foil after I poured some extra apple juice into the pan.

7. Back into the smoker for another couple hours til IT came to 205*

8. Off to the ice cooler double wrapped in some old towels until 6pm.

9. Then came all the belches from the family :yahoo:

6 hours in the smoker + 2 hours in the cooler. Thumbs Up

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While the butt was roasting in foil towards the end, i added some large prawns on sticks which had marinated in some of my smoked butter, EVOO & Tony Chachere's creole seasoning rub, to the top shelf of the smoker for40 minutes.


Tapayakin' from my iphone
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