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  1. I picked up a 2 pack of Boston butt a couple of weeks ago to make pulled pork for my father-in-law's b-day. I only used one for the pulled pork so I thought I would turn the other into bacon. The birthday feast - pulled pork, coleslaw, grilled brussel sprouts, and Dutch's wicked beans.

    No pics it never happened, right? Anyway onto the BBB. I mixed up a gallon of Pop's brine substituting kosher for sea salt and adding some garlic powder. I placed the deboned and split shoulder in the brine, weighed each half down with a small plate,and placed in the project fridge for ten days. I flipped them every other day.

    After ten days I removed them from the brine, rinsed them in cold water, patted them dry, peppered both sides, and placed them back in the fridge for 36 hours of pellicle formation. I did not do a fry test, I have used Pop's brine for belly bacon several times and it is always fantastic. In hindsight I probably should have since this is a different cut of meat.

    This morning I fired up the MES-30 and filled the AMNPS with PMC pellets. I kept the smoker temp between 80° and 100°.

    After 12 hours of bathing in hickory, maple, and cherry smoke.

    I am pleased with the color and they smell fantastic! Placed them on cooling racks and put them back in the project fridge to mellow. Due to the work schedule it will probably be about 36 hours before I get to slice it up.

    Thanks for looking everyone. I will try and get some pics of the finished (sliced and vac sealed) product later this week. I think I see a BLT in my near future :yahoo:
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  2. Looks great man! You'll love the BBB - it's tasty stuff!  [​IMG]   It's good you are letting it rest before slicing - it makes a difference  [​IMG]   My magic time seems to be 2 days  [​IMG]   Make sure you show us some sliced pics when you get it done  [​IMG]  
  3. foamheart

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    Mmmmmm....... Bacon! You know college would have been a lot easier had I known about bacon back them! Just rub a little bacon fat behind each ear before heading out on the town! Wait, well it might have made college even harder come to think of it.....LOL

    You know its gonna be good. You gonna share with her Dad?
  4. woodcutter

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    Your bacon looks great and so does the spread you had at the birthday party.
  5. Thanks, I will definitely get some pics up later this week.

    I am sure we will have them over for BLT's on Thursday.

    Thanks Woodcutter
  6. :drool
  7. I got it all sliced up last night. Mountain o' BBB!

    Diced up the end pieces for future batches of Dutch's wicked beans. I love those beans :yahoo:

    Vac sealed and ready to freeze! The zip bag top right is what I cooked for dinner tonight.

    BBBLT's on a croissant bun with oven roasted garlic potatoes! :drool

    Pop's brine was perfect once again! When we got done eating, my mother-in-law said "I have two shoulders in the freezer if you want to make bacon with those?" I guess she liked it, lol. Thanks for looking everyone and for all the great things I have learned from all of you!
  8. Woo hoo! Job well done man  [​IMG]   It's about time to start a new batch now  [​IMG]
  9. Thanks B! It was pretty tasty, and I am sure I will take the MIL up on her offer :biggrin:
  10. c farmer

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    Wow. Looks great
    Did you inject the brine?

    I want to try bbb.
  11. waterinholebrew

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    Very nice TB, great lookin smoke !! :drool Thumbs Up

  12. Not gonna lie I can't wait to try this.
  13. foamheart

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    I so can't wait till we have tomatoes again!
  14. I did not inject the brine. From what I have read here, if the meat is less than 2 inches thick there is no need to inject.

    Any of the experts are welcome to weigh in here. I am no authority.
  15. Thanks Justin

    You should give it a try, it is not difficult and very tasty.

    These were store bought, not too bad, but not like fresh from the garden.
  16. c farmer

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    You are correct, didn't know how thick it was.
  17. disco

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    Your father in law is a lucky man. A great meal. A son in law who cooks for him and one talented enough to make that bacon!

    Well done!


  18. bearcarver

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    Looks Real Nice, Toby!!![​IMG]

    I can almost smell it from my house!!!

  19. Thanks Disco, my in-laws are very good to us and cooking is my favorite pastime. :grilling_smilie: I don't know about talented, but I take direction well and this site is loaded with great directions.

    Thanks Bear! I have two more shoulders thawing in the fridge now for round two. :biggrin:
  20. Glad you're making more  [​IMG]   I ran out a couple days ago & had to make more myself  [​IMG]

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