My Bodacious Bones Entry

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That is a very "cool" cook Ryan! I love the open fire and dutch. That is a really cook fire pit you have there too! Not sure I have seen that before!
Thank you ! Haven't had much of a chance to use the fire pit much but sure is enjoyable when we do! We gotta have our fires! :emoji_blush:

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What an amazing thread Ryan!! The entry itself was outstanding but seeing the whole process was totally off the charts. One spectacular effort by you and Michelle!!

Thanks Robert! Have to admit... when submitting final entry pic, thought about just sending in a pic of ribs over the fire! They were probably the best ones!

BH, Your entry looked good and your process looks awesome. Nice smoke and great looking plate .
Thank you CM, we appreciate it! Just thinking now... maybe should throw a couple hearts on the spit! That would be tasty as well!

Ryan you and Michelle, did great and I love the way you used all your different wrought iron tools
and your cast pots/pans for the cook/smoke, Tell Michelle she made a great choise on the open fire cook

well done and lots of steps.
And mashed with gravy, what else can I say. :emoji_yum: :emoji_yum:

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Thanks so much David! And I will pass your comments on to her! Was a great call to cook over the fire! She's a way better cook than me for sure... when it comes to curing and smoking that's my fun! Now if we had a lake in our yard we'd be spoiled like you!

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