My basement smoker build

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Aug 25, 2009
I have a old coal cellar under my front porch that is built off of my basement, that Dave54 and I just ran electric and put duct work in with inline 6" fans. We also put a hanging rod in , Cause we are going to cure our own Hams !! MY next plan is to build a table for my MES and My Big Chief to smoke in this room .   

I know I was impressed . Rob lit his A-maze-n smoker and a smoke generator and it pulled the smoke out pretty good
The Inline fans work better than i thought...they are 250 cfm . The room still gets smokey, but it catches up and the rest of the basement doesn't get smokey, and I can't smell it upstairs in my house.
Looks like a great place to hang the dry cure stuff too..

mmmmmmmm peperoni..salami

Now this is gonna be interesting for sure. I can't wait to see thia thing in action so don't leave us hanging out here.
Yeah this is a cool idea!! get that thing going and lets see it in action!!! My grandmother has a coal shutte in here basement,i wonder..........NO i don't think she would.LOL
O you will , In a couple weeks I will have 4 proscuitto hams curing in there.... I already have been cold smoking cheese and bacon in that room .  Now I will be able to do alot more in there !!!
I now added a table in my smoking room to set my cold smoker and my MES . I am itching to smoke something this weekend !!
Today I am smoking in my Basement !!  Two smokers going . I got sausage & kielbasa in my Big Chief cold smokingusing amaze-n-smoker. In my Mes I got a head of cabbage with butter and bacon with garlic


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