Mule's venison jerkey with Qview and recipe

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Well it is time to make some Bambi jerky. I had the hind leg in the freezer from last hunting season.

So i pulled it out to make jerky. Here is what i have done so far. I boned the leg. Placed in freezer to firm it up. Sliced

about 3/16" thick. Give or take. If it was thick. I would flatten it with the palm of my hand. Then i made

up a batch of brine. Brought water to boil. Added all ingredients and simmered 15 min. the allowed to

cool. Then in the project fridge.


1 boned deer leg                          = 4269 g or 9.4 pound

1/2 gallon water

Cure #1                                        = 15g

Kosher salt                                   = 61g

Dark Brown sugar                        = 43g

Onion powder                              = 11g

Ground dried Tabasco peppers   = 5g

Ground red pepper                      = 3g

Black pepper                               = 5g

Worcestershire Sauce                 = 1 1/4 cup

Soy sauce                                    = 3/4 cup

Garlic                                           = 8 cloves

Pics to come.

Happy smoken.

Hi David,

Looks yummy, thanks for sharing! I've got a deboned deer leg in the freezer that I was wondering what to do may have just answered that question!

Have a great night!
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