More Turkey - Wild Game Bird

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im glad u got pictures up. That wild turkey looks great!
Thanks man 
  It was good eating 
Nice pics, Bee. You didn't mention brine, I'm wondering if you did ???  Ernie
Thanks Ernie. I did mention it but it was at the bottom of the pics & easy to miss. No brine for this turkey - it was done on short notice so no time to brine... A brine is great if you have time for one but isn't absolutely necessary if you take your time & don't vaporize all the water out of the meat 

So there you have it. My latest wild turkey done on short notice - no brine, no bacon & just a bare minimum of spice. Flavor was excellent & all parts of the bird were tender & moist - this was a great eating game bird 

Good luck to all the turkey hunters out there! 
A bit of a bump here....

I've just come into some wild turkey breast and I've been reading through lots of posts about ideas. Everybody but you has basically deemed it necessary for a brine at minimum and really even a bacon weave to get a good moisture content in the finished product. You did neither of these and the turkey looks awesome.

Am I missing something besides low heat and good temperature management? Did you pull it shy of 165 and let it carry over? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.