More great results - chicken thighs and drummies

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wastin smoke

Original poster
Dec 6, 2013
York PA
Hello everyone,

This is my third smoke and another great result. I did 8 thighs and 8 drummies. 2 hours smoke last hour sauce ran temp at 225 for first 2 hours of smoke(apple chip) then jacked up to 250 for last hour of sauce to crisp. I was worried about drying the chicken out and having rubbery skin as I have read but I was great and juicy and good smoke flavor and the skin did crisp up nicely. Just used a sweet baby rays sauce and these were the only two pieces left as the kids loved the drummies an the thighs were great too. Will have to take a picture when I pull them out next time! Trying wings tonight cant wait.

The Chicken looks great. Just a note, in the future please place your posts in the appropriate Forum. This Forum is just for general mostly non-smoking stories, birth of a child, something interesting you wish to discuss. This thread should be in the Chicken Forum. No problem this time, I will have it moved, thanks...JJ
Sorry saw other smoking posts here and just followed suit.
It's ok. We got 50,000 Members and a dozen Moderators so we miss them sometimes. But most like you are understanding and have great input. Thanks...JJ is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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