Mops and longevity.

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  1. Created a Mop last Friday which I had about a half of bowl left. I have thrown it in the fridge I plan on using it Saturday. Question is how long is a mop good for?? I am not sure if the spices go bad sitting in the juice

    What was in it

    Soy Sauce
    Chili Power
    Ground Cumin

    Can not remember the rest at the moment. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. chisoxjim

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    It depends, did the mop you were using touch the cooking meat, and then go back into what you have left over. If thats the case I would toss it. If it didnt I would use it.
  3. pignit

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    Ditto..... if the brush or mop you were using went from the meat to the mop from the beginning.... pitch it. I don't use a mop but it's basically the same principal when you marinade. If there is any contact with the utensil your using from meat to mop it's gotta go. I probably wouldn't use it again anyway. I'd figure out how to mix up what I'm going to use for that smoke and minimize how much was left over.
  4. Awesome thanks for the replies appreciate it!

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