Moose Garbalinky :0)

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Oct 8, 2013
Terrace BC Canada
well the moose garlic coils came out nice. have them blooming right now. did an alder smoke for a few hours and the brought the smoker temp up to 180. held it there till the IT of the rings was at 155. had the probes from my Maverik t-32 and the Auberins PID. both were on the money.

it seems some fat ran and i dint know why.....
still real nice and juicy. COULDNT WAIT TO TRY IT !!

QUESTION .. when the fat runs is it best to wipe the sausage down before you ice water bath ?
i did it after cause i was so excited to get it in the cooler....

thanks for any help

you can see the wallet there in case anybody wants some ...  ha ha ha
Looks great, what size casings are you using?? I never take my smoker over 170 that's when the fat out begins if you can stay at 170 and below you should not have a problem 

 When I do mine if they are 19 or 21 MM I never water bath just room temp bloom. on my larger summer sausage IF I get fat out for some reason,,  I try to wipe before water bath and sit at room temp if I have any after room temp I wipe before vac packin

Hope this helps
i used 35/38 size casings. red ring. used the yellow ring before 29/32 but wanted a bigger sausage.

im quite new to all this so i followed a recipe that the wife and i truly enjoy. me with the ukranian heritage, and she is right from austria enjoy all types of smoked foods and sausages.

the recipe said to bring the smoker to 180 and hold it to an IT of 155.

needless to say i am going to go to 170 next time for sure. the people on here have been UBER helpful with everything. starting with my build !!!!

i dont do the hot water bath, i bloom at room temp, but i do plunge them into ice water when i reach the target IT. is that right what im doing ?
thanks for all the input.....
This is what I do................Start your smoker at 120 and raise temp 10 degrees every hr until you hit 170. Bring the sausage to 160 and into a cold water bath for a few minutes.. Doesnt have to be ice water. All you want to do is stop the cooking process and moisten (soften) the casings so they will contract with the sausage and not look shriveled. If you have some fat out from hight temperatures I wouldnt worry about it.. Wipe it off after the sausage has bloomed. I prefer blooming in the fridge for a full day or two.............

Ukrainian huh..... Мене звуть boyko

I dont speak ukrain but I know all the curse words from my dad...LOL

The sausage looks great

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for these i used the recipe from Len Poli's web site. i used the US measurements. the metric thru me off when i saw the different in amounts from metric to US so i stuck with the US.

also i now smoke with hickory pellets.....

i have also used spices that boykjo had sent me. both were good. follow joe's method of smoking by ramping up the smoker slowly. i use a 50/50 moose to pork and make sure ya have enough fat. regular ground the moose and fat and coarse ground my pork, comes out like traditional winnepeg garlic sausage this way. the larger chunks of fat put people off .....

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