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Mongolian Dried Beef Recipe


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I have been online seeing references to Mongolian dried beef. I am unable to find a recipe. Anyone have any thoughts?


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I have been online seeing references to Mongolian dried beef. I am unable to find a recipe. Anyone have any thoughts?
Basically "Bortz/Mongolian Dried Beef" is a simple method of making air dried beef /beef jerky. I would suggest you take a look at the seasoning(s) you want to use and make a simple jerky. As noted below, the meat is cooked with a sauce, like the restaurant version of Mongolian Beef/BBQ etc.

History Lesson:
"... Bortz is Mongolian jerky meat from camel, horse or cattle. Begin to make harvests somewhere in November or October, when the cattle have grown and gained good weight. This is how this product was stored before, and now so. Dried meat is just so consumed, well, or prepare a variety of dishes. Before it is soaked with water, it swells well and please, what do you want next with it, then do. It is known that in Mongolian cuisine meat comes first, and most importantly they eat it in undercooked form with sauce and almost not salty. " (extract: https://1000.menu/cooking/1313-borts )

Borts - Dried Meat - Mongolian Recipes (mongolfood.info)
The inner Mongolia air dried beef | Miss Chinese Food
https://1000.menu/cooking/1313-borts Борц мясной рецепт с фото - 1000.menu


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This must be one of those things you enjoy if you grew up eating it. Meat strips 3 to 5 cm thick will take a LONG time to Air Dry or Dehydrate by other means. The meat must be Fat Free to not go rancid and Crackling DRY, to keep without refrigeration. Since it is Intact Muscle Strips, not Smoked in an enclosed smoker, Salt only, no cure, is all that is needed. The constant exposure to Oxygen will inhibit C Botulinum growth. HOWEVER, to fully protect from Other forms of Bacteria, a Vinegar or Grain Alcohol wash is a good idea, not traditional, and the the meat should be generously Salted then dried in Cool to Cold, 50°F or less, environment with Low Humidity and moving air.
This leaves you Cajun Boys out during the Bayou Summers!

A similar result that uses Thinner Strips of Beef, takes less time to dry and is more forgiving temperature wise, would be BILTONG...JJ

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