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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by gary s, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. I know I talked about this a while back, # 2 son finally had a little extra time today so we did the two mod's I was wanting to get done. 

    Added another 1/4" plate on top of Fire Box with a 3/16" air space in between. and added top vents to my FB door

    Got all the fab work done and some of the welding, and he had to leave to check on one of his jobs. Said we would finish it up tomorrow.

    Here are a few pictures of what we did today, Remember still some welding and quite a bit of grinding and then a little paint.

  2. Is that a superman hoodie?
  3. It is his Company Logo Last name starts with S he does structural steel, pre-fab metal buildings, concrete and a bunch of other stuff He does quite a bit of misc. steel work, handrails, ladders etc.
  4. That's cool! It could also be " smoker man"
  5. Hello my friend.  I am glad to see you are taking you supervisor role seriously.  Liking that extra vent.  I'm in.  [​IMG]   Keep Smokin!

  6. O-K got it finished up a little while ago, here are a few pictures of today, Next thing gotta test it out, I'm thinking Ribs tomorrow, A little pay back for the work #2 son put in. Put 1'st coat of paint on, another after while

  7. bearcarver

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    That's some Beautiful Work, Gary!![​IMG][​IMG]

    Apple didn't fall far from the tree there, huh???

    Now you can smoke like crazy!!!

  8. alaska

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    Damn nice my friend! Never can replace Dad/Son time.
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    Better get two racks, if he eats anything like he works you might not get any! Great Job! Keep us posted on how the firebox plate temperatures run, are you planning on cooking beans on it?
  10. Got 2 racks on now I will post some pictures in a little bit.  I think the upper vent really makes a difference the temp got up faster than normal, and it seems like so far it's holding  a good steady temp with my bottom vents about 1/3 to 1/2 open and the top vent 100 % open so far so good.
  11. Hello Gary.  It's not something I had ever thought of but when you see the pictures and think it over, just seems like it should work.  Well thought out and executed!  Thanks for posting.  Keep Smokin!

  12. Sorry for the delay, got side tracked, This is probably the first time I haven't filled up my trays, but I did a pork shoulder the other day, my wife and I are still eating on it, and my Crohn's has been acting up this week so I really have to eat bland, anyway Birthday Ribs for my son and Daughter-in-law .

    I rubbed these down with a little yellow mustard sprinkled a little Tony's and finished up with my rub. On the smoker 225º ant about 12:30. I have spritzed a couple times with apple juice. Here are a few pictures

  13. So far I will have to say this top vent is making a huge difference I am still on my first hickory split (it was big) and only added a couple scoops of lump since I started it. I was going to use my chimney today since I haven't used it in a good while but the wind is 20 to 25 MPH with gust up to 35 soooo I got out the weed burner and fired it up fast. I wish the wind wasn't blowing so hard so I could get a better feel on the added vent. But I know it has improved air flow for sure.

    We did 3 - 1" holes with an 1.5" space in between Put the slide on the inside using small angle top and bottom. Made the opening for the slide handle by drilling two holes and cutting out the in-between using a cut-off wheel and smoothing out with a disk. I was tired of re-painting the top of the fire box so we added a 1/4" plate with a 3/16" air gap in-between left weep holes (vent holes on both sides. I'll let you know if this helps, so far looking pretty good.

    Gary S
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    ......finally ...... :hit: ......... :biggrin:
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  15. Again sorry it took so long, got side tracked
  16. Here are the Ribs at 2 hours, also a picture of the weep (vent) holes between the plates on FB. and a picture of the position of the vents on the door, been  a steady 225º 

  17. Probably in the next week or so I am going to clean er up real good, wire brush, sanding and re-paint the whole thing. I used what I had left to paint all the new pieces, a couple of coats. Depending on this darn Wind !!!

    Gary S
  18. I would like to take a minuet To thank Dave O and Rib for their input and suggestions on the upper vent, Thank you both

    Gary S
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    Looking Great, Gary!!!

    You're really in business now!!!

  20. Ribs after 3 hours getting ready to wrap,  Honey, Squeeze margarine, a little secrete sauce, a sprinkle of rub and wrap em up, back on the smoker.


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