mmmm.....briskets and a fatty

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Master of the Pit
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Nov 21, 2006
Waco, TX
got 2 briskets in the smoker- a 5 lb and an 8 lb. (packers). also got a fatty, of course. will report back, with the porn, later on this evening.
here is the porn! 8 lb whole, 5 lb whole, jenn's plate, 8 lb sliced, and a pic of hunter with jenn's plate in front of him.




here is more porn. the potato salad, the wicked beans, and dessert- upside-down pineapple cake.


MAN you are really tough on a guy who has to hit the sack shortly! Trying not to eat before nighty night time and and it is becoming increasingly difficult! Great stuff, Chris! Good Show! Think I'm gonna sign off!

Very nice Chris! Boy that smoke ring covers half the meat.

Tell me is that little boy of yours gonna eat that whole plate of food? He sure is getting big in a hurry!
it was all delicious. monty, sorry about that, hehe. debi, he is 9 months old now- growing quick. i get a big smoke ring by putting in the meat when the smoker temp is around 100°, and the meat is at room temp.
Chris..great lookin pics and food, drooling at that pineapple cake, tummy growling as I wait for my side bacon to finish up,great job
WOW!!! Chris damn that looks good. Did you cook the beans in the smoker also? I want to try them next time. I'm a big beans fan now and they look great.
i cooked the beans in the smoker too. i put them in when i foiled the briskets. i had them in a foil pan thingy. my wife transferred them to the glass bowl after they were done.
hunter is getting big, eh. he is crawling all over the place, and has 2 teeth (bottom front) and is cutting 4 more bottom and (i think) two top ones in. you can see them through his gums now. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.