Hello from Delaware

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May 18, 2020
Hello all,

I have been grilling for a long time but got into smoking around 3 months ago.

I started with a 18" WSM and did some mods to it. It works great and still have it but I needed more space for meats. Cooking 4 racks of ribs on the WSM in a rib rack did not work to my liking (it did the job though).

So the search was on for more space and a good step up without jumping right to the top $$$ smokers. I found a Oklahoma Joe Longhorn (I think it is 2nd generation after the sale of company) in excellent shape. Mods that I have done: Changed out the thermometers and added 2 more grate level, charcoal box, digital thermometer holder and stack extension.

The knowledge on this site is top level. Lots and lots of knowledge.

Please feel free to give info or thoughts on the Oklahoma Joe Longhorn.



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Greetings and welcome to the forum from New Mexico.
A few decades ago I used to live in Bear, DE.
Don't know anything about the LongHorn, but it looks like a nice smoker.
Should give you the extra cooking space you want.
Up by Wilmington, the big city of DE. I am down in the lower slower DE (Millsboro).

The first cook I did when I got it home had plenty of room for a pork butt, rump roast and a pork belly. It is definitely a different beast then the WSM.


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Welcome from Hawaii!! Newbie myself here and all I can say is this site is Awesome. So much information. Careful you can go down the rabbit hole here!! Hahaha!!
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