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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by nogoer, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. nogoer

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    I have been smoking some pork all day and wondered why a 4 lbs rib roast wasn't finishing up. I kept checking and started to notice my MES red heat on light was going but the temp seemed to be dropping. It seems something in the heat line has stopped working. I moved the pork to the oven then cranked the temp on the MES to 275. Came back 20 minutes later to find the temp dropped from 134 to 98F.

    WTF! Has anyone else had a problem with thier MES losing the heat element and not heating anymore? It's been going strong for over a year doing warm and cold smokes and now the first hot smoke i do this summer the heat craps out? My pulled pork dinner has been artificially extended because i've been losing heat for at least an hour or more. I am quite angry that after 9 hours the heat dies!!
  2. bassman

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    Someone else had that problem awhile back. I don't remember who but I'm sure they'll be along shortly with the solution.
  3. t-bone tim

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  4. nogoer

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    If i were a woman i'd give you a big ol smooch right on the kisser!

    Man thanks a ton for pointing me to your other thread. I probably should have searched but it was late, i was starving and the wife was nagging about how unpredictable bbq can be sometimes.

    I've been using mine nonstop for over a year and the darn thing has been super rock solid. Which is why I was kinda upset when my baby let me down so hard and while doing a cook so reliant on high controlled temps. My use is much the same as yours, alot of lower temp long smokes, i make alot of sausage. I wonder if the elements are being abused more by the cold smoke temps and wearing out prematurely?

    well thanks again and i know what ill be doing this saturday morning. I'll even give some payback and take lots of pics while i make the repair and then post a new thread for anyone else whos having the same problem.

    edit: oh missed that someone else already posted pics...
  5. t-bone tim

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    Right on Nogoer , let us know how you make out , good luck , I'm sure your trusty ol' MES will be puffin out the TBS again in no time.[​IMG]
  6. hayaddi

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    I had my MES go out last month after I was about two hours into a batch of salmon. The things worked like a trooper for about a year, but for some reason it wouldn't hold the heat. I played around with the thing for two days and not being very mechanical I finally broke down and called MES.
    They replaced it with no question asked. Just got the new one on Friday. Great service...[​IMG]

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