Midnight Smoke Saturday Nite into Sunday Morning

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  1. We decided to have some friends come by Sunday for a late lunch to watch a few games GO VIKINGS!!! The night before I decided to put on a butt and a slab of ribs. I was lazy I didn't trim up my ribs I just removed the membrane.  I seasoned it up with a pre-made season "Sweet Rub of Mine". Got the smoker started and loaded up at around 12:10 am. Threw in 6 HUGE chucks of hickory [​IMG] Closed her up and went to bed.

    I woke up and found the meat wasn't quite all the way where but timing was an issue so I had to finish it off in the oven.

    The flavor was there. I got the best smoke ring on the butt but I didn't get pictures. But I did get pictures of the final product of the ribs.

    The bone was not coming out it needed more time to cook and company was coming. Oven to the rescue

    I could tell it was still to tough in some places.

    Ribs were about there just a bit more time too

    So tender!

    I cleaned the meat up after the cook and I think I will do that on future rib cooks. Much easier to deal with and the meat takes up less room on the smoker.

    The house was stinking so GOOD! Guest loved it and I brought in a sample for my boss he said "James you need to sell this it is amazing" 
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    Great looking ribs!
  3. Looks good I'm hungry


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