Michigan bbq joints

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Jun 11, 2013
I know I saw something on here where people were talking about different bbq spots but I can't find it so I'm gonna start a new one.

I ate at Lockharts in royal oak today for Easter. I love that place! Haven't had anything bad yet and I've been a dozen times. With that said they are still #2 to me as far as best overall bbq joint in michigan. Here's my list:

1. Bad Brads BBQ
Best overall bbq place. Great bbq meat, great homemade sides. Favorite ribs I've ever had period! Love the brisket chili, and straight up best bbq beans I've ever had!

2. Lockharts BBQ
Close second. Big fan of the ribs (not quite as good as brads IMHO), but the sausage is what sets this place apart for me. Red hot, and regular sausage is the best I've ever had. Sides are homemade and great! Love the jalapeño beans!

3. Beale St BBQ
The meat here is great! Good ribs, but my favorite thing on the menu is the smoked chicken! Downer here is the sides are not homemade. Seen them scooping from Gordon's buckets for the potato salad and slaw. Not a fan of the sides at all.

4. Satchels BBQ
Only are here once but my ribs and pulled pork were very good. Sides were good as well. Not knocking them at all but all three spots rated above them have better ribs IMHO. And that's not to say the ribs here are not good. Just personal preference I guess.

I haven't been to CAYA smoke house yet, and I hear there's a new smokehouse in Milford as well. Cannot remember the name. Be interested if anyone disagrees with my list or has been to places i haven't.
Just saw this post and have to agree with your #1 choice! I go to Bad Brads about once a month and love love love it! the chopped Brisket is my favorite meat and corn bread is great too. I've heard their stone-fired pizza'a are good too. We gotta meet up there one night after the patio opens. Let me know next time you are coming out my way.
I'm never out that way humdinger. Wish I was cause brads is the best!

I ate at lockharts on Easter Sunday. It was great! And I just got my free meal voucher in the mail for my birthday from lockharts so ill be going again in May!

You going to cams for the michigan get together?
Lockharts is always good too! I'm in Royal Oak all the time so LMK if you want to make it a party. That's also where Dave lives (he was at Cam's with me last August) so we're there every couple months or so.

Yes I am planning to be at Cams for the majority of the day. I'm probablyon bringing some pork country ribs and I'll be making some burnt ends out of chuck roasts. You bringing ABT's again?
Yeah I'll bring some ABTs again for sure. Not sure what else. Last year I brought some deviled eggs to. I'll figure something out.
We can get together soon at one of the bbq joints for sure!
Hey Hillbillyrksr,  Good post on Detroit BBQs.

 Here in Lansing we have Meat, the King of the grill, Backyard BBQ, Piggee’s smoke house & grill, A famous Daves and a Smokey bones.

I tried the King of the grill and thought the PP and brisket were dry and needed a finishing sauce. The wife had ribs and said they were good and tender. The sides were average.  I most likely won’t go back.

I have not been to Meat but my son went there and had to wait 1 ½ hours to get a table.  He said the brisket was way good tender and moist.  The sides are all homemade and he said the blue cheese potato salad was great.  One of the kids got one of their burgers and could not eat half of it.  There were five different kinds of BBQ sauce on the table.  Lots of good reviews except the size of the restaurant.  A little on the expensive side.

I have heard some about Piggee’s and need to try it too.  Another small place that seems to run out of food a lot.

I just heard about backyard bbq a couple weeks ago and need to try it soon.  Heard it was a good place to try.

Famous Daves and Smokey Bones are what they are.

Here is a old link too for Mich BBQ.   http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/133933/best-barbecue-restaraunt-in-mi

I haven't tried any of those places Stan! Gonna have to get on some of those this summer!
I haven't tried any of those places Stan! Gonna have to get on some of those this summer!
I would not make a special trip to any of them here but if you had to be here try Meat.  I here there is a new place in ann arbor called old carolina bbq that is good.  They have a couple places in Ohio too.  Has anyone tried them?

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