Metzgermeister schloss

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Meat Mopper
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Oct 21, 2013
Elgin Tx
Master butcher castle(cinder block smokehouse). Starting with a 6x6 slab. 6 inch deep.
Helper eldest son doing his video game assassins creed pose
breaking ground
baby girl helping
all framed up and level.
a little tamping with sledge hammer
bricks, 3/4 rock, sand and rebar.
starting concrete
30 80lb bags of quikrete later
More to come...curing time
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WOW.... 30 bags ??? please don't tell me you mixed them all in the wheelbarrow ?? If so... How did you keep it from setting up before getting the next batch mixed in with existing ??? looking good so far though...
Thanks guys, No hand mixing, used pop pops cement mixer. It was done as a three man job. I loaded mixer, Tyler wheel barrow to form, my buddy rusty packed and spread. Took about two hours.
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Score!!!! Father in law picked me up a control box dumpster diving (oops I mean salvaging). Whooohooo. It was an old fire control box but will work great for this project. Amazing the things people throw away now a days. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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