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  1. Hey guys Smoking some ribs this weekend and just wondered what everyones preference is to smoking them. Ive done a 3-2-1 and they turned out great but wanting to switch it up this time.
  2. I got this off another site and tried it last weekend, they came out pretty good.  I will try it again with a little modification, I think I will spritz with the grenadine/apple juice through the whole process.  It gave the rib an interesting flavor.  I also glaze with a peach glaze that has a slight bite, thinking of converting that to a cherry glaze and see how that works.  

    Set your Pellet Muncher to its lowest setting, Take a Rack of Bare Naked Ribs and Spray front and back with water, after 1 hour spray front and back with water again and increase your temp to 250* continue spraying water on ribs as they dry out until they are at your desired tenderness then switch to 3/4 Cup Apple Juice and 1/4 Cup Grenadine. Spray bone side first then Meat side, sprinkle with rub then lightly spray again, back on for 20 min then repeat a second time after that if sauce is your thing apply sauce after the second round of spray, sprinkle, spray has finished it's 20 min, put back on and let sauce set (Not Burn) 
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    Just smoke them without spritzing or wrapping. Let them ride for the 5-6 hours they need.
  4. sota d

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    I'm a 3-2-1 kinda guy. But, I know a lot of people don't wrap them. Maybe you could smoke 2 slabs-one wrapped and one 3-2-1 and see which you think turned out best on your smoker. It's all about finding what works best for you and your equipment. Happy smokin', David.
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    I would NOT spray your ribs down with water constantly you would be washing all your rub off and creating all kinds of problems in your smoker besides the fact that creosote would be dripping off every surface from having a bunch of water in your smoker. I have never ever heard of that before in all my 30 years of smoking ribs. You can choose to foil or not to foil and all the different flavor combinations are purely personal choice. Some even go hot and fast. I go low and slow and foil myself. The time depends on the meatyness of the ribs or the thickness would be a better choice of words. 
  6. seenred

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    I like to mix it up...sometimes 3-2-1, sometimes no foil for the whole cook.

    For no-foil ribs, I like to apply a pretty heavy coat of my favorite rub the night before and let 'em sleep in the fridge overnight. Take 'em out of the fridge right before I get the smoker fired up, and apply another dusting of rub and a little mist of olive oil to bind the rub and help promote a good bark. Then into the smoker @225* for around 6 peeking, no spritzing, no mopping...just a steady application of your favorite smoke (I like hickory, pecan, or apple). Once they've reached my desired tenderness, I'll mop a little of my favorite sauce on 'em for the last few minutes...just long enough for the sauce to set and form a nice glaze.

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    I'm going to do Bearcarver's 2.5-2.5-1 FOTB method as soon as I get my stuff organized.  Check his sig for the recipe.  Lots of info there.
  8. I don't disagree with what you said, but that method I posted came off the Pellethead site and was given up by a very reputable member with reference to the Pitmaster who had given it to him.  No one said to spray constantly, it was prior to the smoker, after one hour, again if they appear dry (for me that was like each hour) and then finish off with the grenadine mix and rub.  No way to wash the rub off, the recipe started with no rub.  So, like I said, I did try it, had great color, tasted well, no creosote issues, but not like I sprayed the smoker with a garden hose.  Thing is, I thought that was what these sites were for, to find new things to try, we can always go back to the old ways but what fun is doing the same things forever?  There are those who think pellet smokers have no place in comps, but they are winning more and more everyday.  Just a matter of time before someone comes up with more new methods or hardware to try.  OP said he wanted to switch it up and I offered him an option that I had tried and had worked for me.
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    Un-foiled 5-6 hours, at the 5 hr. mark check with the bend test, if not quite there let them go another hour.

    I find a light to medium dusting of rub works well, lets the smoke hit the meat and you can still taste the meat as well.
  10. mummel

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    How come people spray vs using a basting brush, or just pour the apple juice into the foil, or just use a spoon etc?
  11. That all works, user preference.
  12. timberjet

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    Bark. Bark is key be it soft or kind of crunchy. Natural formation is key and brushing might disturb the formation of said bark.When I sauce just before removing the ribs I might brush on some glaze. Maybe even two or 3 times. I mix it up too. Last ones I over did a bit but after a rest in foil they were pretty awesome. I don't like crunchy bark but that is for you to decide what you like.
  13. mummel

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    I dont like crunchy bark either.  For me, its got to be FOTB juicy, with perhaps a little bark.  Thats what I enjoy.  I will probably foil for this reason. 
  14. timberjet

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    If you happen to get really good meaty ribs you can get that naked all the way too. I find a lot of the baby backs I have had lately are pretty anorexic.
  15. mummel

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    I'm with you.  I need my meat!  BB ribs always looks so small in the store.
  16. sota d

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    You just gotta eat more of them! :)
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    One of my favorite new flavorings for ribs is to spritz or foil with 3 parts apple juice 1 part maple bourbon.  Usually use Jeff's rub and after the bark seems to have formed I'll start spritzing or if I am going to foil I just put some of that concoction in the foil and put the ribs meat side down in the liquid.  Then in the last half hour or so apply my favorite sauce (or not, depending on my mood).  So i guess its kind of a glaze, then sauce method.
  18. damon555

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    This is good advice.....Simple as it gets and if done properly the final product is as good as anything that comes out of a foil pouch without any of the hassle.
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  19. Does anyone brine ribs? Ive only done them once in my smoker and thought they couldve been more tender. Could be I didnt let them cook enough. I did wrap in foils after 2 hours but did not put anything in the foil. Then uncovered the last hour.
  20. Always spare ribs for me. I think they have a better flavor. No waste either, trimmings go in the sausage meat. Use rub just before putting into smoker. Smoke at 250° until bend test says they are ready. Never any liquid or foil. Sometime sauce at the end last 1/2 hour. CF

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