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MES30 and Pit Barrel Hanging Skewers?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by Jeremy Lee, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Jeremy Lee

    Jeremy Lee Newbie

    Hey all,

    Was interested in experimenting with smoking al pastor or even gyros in the future and was curious if anyone has tried using those Pit Barrel hanging skewers w/ regular meat hooks hung from the top-most rack:

    I think the 10" skewers would fit just right - anything bigger probably would be too long.

    Has anyone tried anything like this before or think it would work out?
  2. Jeremy Lee

    Jeremy Lee Newbie

  3. fivetricks

    fivetricks Smoking Fanatic

    Hmm. I cook enough gyros to justify such a purchase ;)

    My question is: do those come with the hangar bracket shown in picture two (in the smoker) but not in picture three (in the blister pack)?

    Those look pretty slick though.
  4. Jeremy Lee

    Jeremy Lee Newbie

    Nice! How do you make your gyros? I've never tried it before. The meat hooks/hangers don't come with the skewers - you have to buy those separately. But I'd imagine you could get a stainless steel S-hook or similar meat hook from a restaurant supply store or even Home Depot/Lowes and use that to hang the skewer. I'm probably gonna go the route of the threaded stainless steel rod/washers/nuts attached to an old pie tin. Just gotta make sure I wash everything *well* before threading any meat on it lol.
  5. fivetricks

    fivetricks Smoking Fanatic

    Well as of right now I'm cheating and using ground lamb and making it sort of meatloaf style. This is primarily because I don't have a verticle cooking system for using fresh slices of lamb.

    This may change that :-)