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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by roadkill cafe, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. bearcarver

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    Not all smoke is the same. Smoke from the AMNPS is less harsh.

    If it's all the same, why can you get a smoke ring from wood chips & chunks, but not from an AMNPS in an electric smoker?

    "Overground" could have a valid point.

  2. tjnamtiw

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    Well, I flat don't know!  I wasn't aware that one gave a smoke ring and the other didn't.  Pellets don't but wood does............ Beats the s$%^ out of me!  Pellets burn themselves while wood/chips are forced to burn by the element.  Don't know.
  3. csparker

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    I remembered reading about this a while ago. I found it fascinating, but haven't done any experimenting.  Anyway, hope this helps:

  4. bgolden49

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    Farah Fawcett .....she shaved Broadway Joe Namath with Noxema shave cream
  5. daveomak

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    If you dry the pellets, and slide the chip loader out about 2" and pull the chip pan out about 1-2", the pellets will smoke nicely sitting on the wires to the left of the chip pan....    Drying the pellets is the key to the whole shabang...  250 for a couple hours in the oven..... couple hours in the MES during the preheat at 275....   1-2 minutes in the microwave...( don't walk away, they could ingite)... ..  

  6. hillbillyrkstr

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    I bought a gen 2, mes 40 a few weeks back. During seasoning the chips ignited multiple times. It was a nightmare. I heard they have recalled the chip tray due to this, but I haven't been able to call yet due to work hours. People told me chunks wouldn't ignite, so i tried them on a few different smokes (ribs, chicken) and sure as sh*t they didn't ignite but a few minutes after I put new chips in I'd get that white sh*t smoke! It sucked! I'd have to open up the door and let it all out. Pain in the ass.

    Anyhow I bought an amazn pellet smoker to avoid this nightmare and not have to add chips every hour or so. I haven't used this yet, was planning to tomorrow actually at a family function. Now I've heard about the chip tray being pulled out so far, and the loader being pulled out so far, and putting the amazn to the left of the heating element, under the water tray (no water of course). Now I'm reading to dry out the pellets by literally cooking them in oven, or microwave??? While I haven't tired it yet, it's seeming like a giant pain in the ass. I hope it's not as bad as I've been reading. I've read so much about issues with it I'm afraid to even try it tomorrow in front of my family. I seasoned it today on my grill. Still gonna try it tomorrow in my gen 2, mes 40. Any final suggestions from you pros? I'd appreciate any tips. Thanks!

    Btw doing ribs, and a 6 pound pork shoulder.

    Thanks again!
  7. travisb

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    Here are some suggestions I recently received, which I will be trying tomorrow:
  8. roadkill cafe

    roadkill cafe Smoking Fanatic

    No abrasives at all. And no chemicals. That's why I like it. Pots & Pans get mild Dawn and no, I don't use harsh chemicals in my oven either and it's clean. I'm just saying that this is what works for me. Not that it's the only way anyone should clean the window on their MES.
  9. I agree the eraser is great on windows, i seem to try many things on vehicle inside windows leaving residue and was also told of the eraser under the sink cabinet, after several other attempts i used it secretly,  speaking quietly here with a more than a few mumbles it works. And i have bought 2 gallons of simple green in the last 6 months does pretty well on auto paint i believe it cuts old wax pretty good easy to concentrate just mix and pour it in my purple spray bottle.

    Great tip 
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  10. I read your suggestion yesterday about using the magic eraser on the door glass of the MES. Went to HomeDepot and bought the ones listed for grills, etc. Got back home and tried it out. Worked like a charm. Thanks for the tip.Jim
  11. bearcarver

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    What Todd said in the link above should work in your Gen 2 MES 40----Give it a try.

    The things Dave said above are for the older MES 40. However I have the older MES 40, and mine works fine without removing the chip dumper or chip drawer. I also have never heated my pellets in any way before using them. All I do is put the pellets in air tight plastic jugs as soon as I get them from Todd.

  12. roadkill cafe

    roadkill cafe Smoking Fanatic

    Didn't know they made one specifically for grills. I'll have to check that out. Glad it worked good for you, Jim. BTW, [​IMG]to SMF. Seeing this is your first post, please take a moment to swing by Roll Call so we can give you a proper SMF welcome.

  13. domapoi

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    That part marked in red above is only a partial truth. You have to "force" the pellets to burn with a torch and then they will continue to smolder by themselves, they just don't burn buy themselves. And for that matter, my chips. once they are smoldering good, continue to smolder by themselves. I know this because if I put in chips shortly before my meat is done then turn off the smoker and remove the meat, my smoker still will smoke for some time without any heat what so ever from the turned off heating element. Just like when I use chunks on my Weber BBQ. I start the chunks over the center burner and then turn off the center burner when I put the roast on in the center for indirect cooking. Those chunks will smolder for couple of hours or more.
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  14. beernuts

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    That's the same method I use and it cleans up like new. However I'm always willing to try something new so the Mr.Clean sponges are next on the list.Stay smokey my friend....
  15. I scrape the window with a razor, then wipe with warm for me!
  16. Creosote...or lack thereof.  ;)

    Sure, fat content will have an impact too, but I think it's mostly creosote that's mucking up the window.

    Creosote is greatly reduced if not nonexistent using the AMNPS.
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  17. blturner64

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    I spray mine with weber grill cleaner and then wash off with water hose.  Looks just like new.  Best way I have found to clean. Magic Eraser is great if you have not cleaned it in a while. Wear gloves. 
  18. bmaddox

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    This is a great idea. I have only used my MES a few times and I was worried about using chemicals inside it. I have used a less harsh citrus based cleaner that worked after letting it soak for a while. I also found that using a wet rag while it is still hot will get a good portion of the gunk off. As for having the window, I love being able to see what is going on. I ran mine for 13 hours yesterday, gave it a 15 second wipe down with a wet rag half way through, and could still see through the window at the end. 
  19. inkjunkie

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    Brain is a bit fuzzy today so if this has already been mentioned I do apologize. We use a pellet stove to heat our place. Window gets sooted up pretty badly between weekly cleaning. I vacuum the loose sooty stuff off and then use the ash from the pellets. I used to spend sometime on a hearth site and was told by a service tech this is what they do, just dampen a paper towel slightly and dip it into the pellet like a charm...
  20. There is a rubbing alcohol that is 90% alcohol. Pour that on an old newspaper and rub it on.  Works like a miracle! And it is cheap!

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